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las vegas hotels

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las vegas hotels

How You Can Improve Room Service Performance

When room service was introduced to the public, this was viewed as one of the most convenient features of a hotel or any type of lodging. There are some people though who are reluctant to avail of such service because there are additional charges that are added to their expenditures. However, if you show your customers that you only provide quality room service, there is no doubt that they will avail of this every time they stay at your hotel. So how do you improve room service performance?

The best method of enhancing room service performance is to monitor this regularly. If you have the data that you need, you will know where you are lacking and where you should improve on. Luxury and full service hotels always have room service provided for the guests. Most women who travel alone appreciate this kind of hotel feature and for your company, this can drive increasing profits while attracting more clients. Hotel room service can also support higher daily rates for the rooms. Many misinterpret room service as food delivery but the former is not only for serving food to the guests. It aims to make the customers feel special and comfortable while staying at the hotel. This may include services like professional servers, setting the table and even sell desserts for the guests.

One of the main goals of providing room service is to be able to offer this as fast as possible. Guests do not like to wait for their food, staff member or for any kind of help they require. Thus, they should be attended to immediately. Otherwise, they will most likely not return to the hotel. Aside from the response time, there are also other things that you should monitor to improve room service performance. Some companies choose to measure all the aspects that might affect the efficiency of their room service, making them more effective. This is particularly because they are able to perform a complete hotel performance appraisal.

Room service is not only about giving food or serving towels and other things to the customers. This may also refer to dining room service. In this case, you should also keep track of the restaurant service specifically if you have a restraint within the building. Both dining and hotel room services should provide support for client calls 24/7. To cut down the response time made for housekeeping and kitchen, you might want to maintain a pantry or storeroom on each of the floors. The storage section should contain essentials such as fresh water, flowers, towels and others. This will allow the employees to quickly attend to the guests without having to rush to the main storage room for the requirements of the customers.

To make your room service performance more efficient, personnel should be professional particularly in answering phone calls. Check the name of the customer and clarify the things or orders that he or she needs. More than often, suggestive selling practices are utilized. It is also helpful to inform the client about the waiting time for the delivery.

Environmentally Conscious Lake District Hotels

Thinking of the environment and being environmentally conscious needn’t stop when taking a holiday. Many hotels and leisure complexes are leading the way in the environmental stakes by lowering their carbon footprint.

Many businesses are looking at ways in which to be more environmentally aware green. One such way is by applying for the ISO14001 accreditation. The ISO14001 proves a company’s environmental credentials which in this day and age enhances the corporate image and actually saves the company or organisation money by reducing energy consumption. The hotel and leisure industry is notorious for its energy consumption. From the hot water and laundry to the on-site facilities such as heated swimming pools, saunas, and Jacuzzis. All are energy intensive and contribute significantly to a hotel’s energy demand and carbon footprint.

The Lake District is seeing an increase in tourism related businesses taking a more serious look at their energy consumption and resulting carbon footprint and are taking action. The larger Lake District hotels and leisure complexes obviously have the most to do but there is help in the form of CBEN, the Cumbria Business Environment Network and supporting tourism partnerships. This area is a haven for walkers and many visitors take a very keen interest in environmental issues.

There are a huge number of ways hotels in the Lake District can improve their carbon footprint. The introduction of alternative, renewable energy generation technologies onsite is one of the biggest but most beneficial to both the environment and the energy bills of the business. In the current climate of rising energy prices, it is beneficial for both. Biomass energy production is being implemented in the area for example in the village of Eskdale and as the location of many Lake District hotels are amongst large managed woodland areas, there is potential availability of raw materials. Installing a biomass burner can save a large hotel up to 35,000 per year on their energy ill although this is dependent on future LPG prices.

Other ways in which a Lake District hotel can implement changes is by installing a charcoal oven, Installing low energy light fittings, minimization of waste and the creation of recycling schemes, solar power, hydro power and new, efficient LPG boilers.

All this action can then be used for marketing purposes. There is not a news bulletin that goes by without an environment story somewhere. A tourism business which has implemented changes such as any of the above have a real unique selling point. They can recoup the costs of installing these alternative energy sources but increase their visitor numbers at the same time so benefitting the environment, the hotel’s profit and the guest’s conscience.

Oasis Hotels And Resorts In Cancun Offer Complimentary Smart Car To Guests

For guests treating themselves to hot and sunny Cancun holidays this winter season, the Oasis group is bringing them with a special winter warmer by offering them with a great new special gift to help them get about and about during their stay at Oasis selection of Cancun hotels.
Oasis Hotels & Resorts are now offering guests the ultimate facility to reward tourists choosing to stay at their group of hotels in Cancun: complimentary use of a Smart Car!

The new offer has been launched in order to entice more travellers to take holidays in Cancun this winter season and the new range of Smart cars featuring the logo Oasis Loves U has been designed as the ultimate treat for guests.

“Our goal is to provide more value to guests when they come to stay with us. While guests at our all-inclusive resorts want for little as everything is included, we feel the ultimate amenity is to offer them use of a complimentary Smart Car so they have the freedom to explore beyond the resort…to go shopping, dining, sightseeing, and more”, were the words from Enrique Klein, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for TravAmerica, the exclusive sales and marketing representation company for Oasis Hotels & Resorts in North America.

The car will also prove convenient for guests enjoying Cancun holidays at newly renovated Oasis Sense del Mar hotel and who choose to take advantage of the Oasis Runaway Program, where guests of the Grand Oasis Cancun, Sens Del Mar, and Grand Oasis Palm are free to avail themselves of the facilities at any of the other resorts including dining, entertainment, and more.

After investing $7 million in renovating the newly revamped Oasis Sens Del Mar, which reopened to guests last December 2011, along with the refurbishment plans, the Oasis group acquired a fleet of Smart Cars to make available to guests for free and thus enhance the holiday experience they offered to guests staying at their collection of resorts.

Oasis Hotels & Resorts purchased 200 Smart Cars for guests embarking on holidays to Cancun and staying at any of the above-mentioned participating Cancun hotels. As part of the new complimentary offer Oasis resorts will assess a nominal daily insurance charge for those who use the cars. Guests staying in the “Sens” category of accommodation at the Grand Oasis Cancun and all guests staying at the Sens Del Mar enjoy complimentary use of the Smart Cars.

Experience World Class Service in Luxury Hotels New York City

There is no doubt that one of the most visited cities in the world is New York. Being center to almost everything, like art, business, and entertainment, it is not surprising that this city is visited by over 39 million people every year. That is why Luxury hotels New York City is very much in demand to give the proper accommodation to the millions of tourist that visit the big apple.

There are a lot of luxuries hotels that tourists can choose from, all of them vary in one thing or another but the sure thing is all of them offer nothing but superb service and accommodation. You can also be assured that all hotels are equipped with state of the art facilities.

One of the best Luxury hotel New York City is The Carlyle, a rosewood hotel. This hotel is second home to a lot of famous and highly respected personalities. This exquisite hotel is ideally positioned in the Madison Avenue. It offers various great services that guests will surely find very pleasing. They have a state of the art spa facility and fitness center for those who want to unwind from all their stress. They also have an onsite fine dining that serves great food. This hotel also has a high speed access to the internet.

Another pride of the collection of the Luxury Hotels New York City is the James hotel. This hotel is sophisticatedly designed so as to provide a comfort and style to the guests; it features a lot of great services like state of the art technology and guest centric service. They have provided a large stylish room for banquets and meetings. There is also a fine dining that serves good food near the hotel. Surely, this hotel will be able to provide all the services you will be looking for in a hotel accommodation.

The James hotel also belongs to the myriad of Luxury hotels New York City that speaks of luxury and superb service. Its stunning design, overseen by the famous and legendary Jacques Grange that features artworks from famous artists who have been compromised to create unique masterpieces for the hotels collection of great artworks is what really captures the heart of their guests. Aside from its stunning exterior and interior design, it also offers superb hospitability and service, not to mention the world class facilities they offer their precious guests.