Considerations When Staying in Calgary Hotels Downtown

If you want to stay in a convenient location that is busy and exciting then Calgary hotels downtown would probably be a good option for you. After you decide that you want to stay downtown you need to consider several things before deciding on the actual hotels that you will be staying at. All of these considerations are important and will affect how much you enjoy your vacation.

First of all you need to think about how you plan to get around Calgary when you stay there. The way that you plan to travel plays a major role in the hotel that you decide to stay at. Pick the wrong hotel and you will have a hard time traveling the way that you want to which could make your trip more tedious and expensive.

If you plan on using public transportation such as the buses then you need to make sure that there is a bus stop near the hotel that you decide to stay at. This means that you will have to check out bus stop locations and then choose your hotels based on those locations.

If you would rather travel in a taxi instead of on the bus then you have to try and find a hotel that is close to most of the attractions you will travel to. You don’t want to travel too far by taxi because it can be very expensive to do so, so make sure that you are choosing a location carefully.

Some people prefer to walk the entire time they are on vacation. If you are going to be walking everywhere then you need hotels that are very close to the things you want to visit. This narrows your option down substantially, and can make picking a location difficult sometimes.

You also have to think about the prices of the different downtown hotels. They will vary pretty dramatically and you will end up choosing based on the price in many situations. Make sure you know the different prices so that you can make an educated decision when the time comes to do so.

Finally you should consider the amenities of the hotel that you are thinking about staying at. Even if you aren’t going to be in the hotel much it makes sense to find a hotel that is going to be comfortable and have all the things that you will need while you are staying in the area.

Make sure you compare all of these things when you are looking at Calgary hotels downtown. There are plenty of good options to choose from, but depending on your concerns there may just be a few good options for you. Make sure you are getting the right hotel for your vacation and you will have a better time while you are there.

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Feel Like A Royalty Venetian style with Luxury Hotels Venice

Lots of people, artisans, writers, great sculptors, and royalties have left their mark in this city of Venice. It is countless how many times it has been captured in literature, poetry and artworks, but you will not appreciate its true beauty unless you set foot on the ravishing city yourself. Being the one of the most visited city in the world Venice offers a wide array of accommodation options to the tourist. Luxury hotels Venice are the best pick of visitors who wants to experience how to be treated like a royalty Venetian style.

There are myriad choices of luxury hotels Venice, all of which offers different types of amenities that you can choose from. It isnt actually important on which luxury hotel you stay because all of it will surely provide you wonderful experiences that would make you feel like a true king or queen. There is the Luna Hotel Baglioni, one of the oldest and grandest hotels in Venice. It is originally a Knights Templar Lodge in the 12th century which was later reconstructed to be one of the most admirable hotels with great interior and exterior designs that is really a must-see. After a goodnight sleep in their comfortable room or suite, you can enjoy good breakfast in what could probably be the finest breakfast room in Venice. The Ca Maria Adele is a deluxe hotel that can be found right next to one of Venices most lovely church. This hotel is most popular to art lovers since it is surrounded by the splendid beauty of historic squares, winding streets and many cafes. Another pride of the collection of luxury hotels Venice is the Ca Della Corte. With just 10 individual rooms and suites, you can be sure that the accommodation here is superb and well appointed. The hotel is also well furnished in a way that its guests will feel no more than superior comfort and luxury. The San Clemente Palace is another Venice Luxury Hotel that that offer great accommodation that will truly give you the bliss of having a royal life. This hotel is a proud member of the Great Hotels of the World. Its facilities include an onsite spa, a world-renowned restaurant, tennis courts, steam baths, Jacuzzi, Internet access and a lot more.

With the countless luxury hotels Venice you can choose from, you can surely find one that will suite your satisfaction and one that will make you feel how it is like to be a true aristocracy even during a brief stay in the glorious city of Venice.

Lancaster Pa Hotels Are Crucial For Any Pennsylvania staycation

In today’s tough economic times the annual summer vacation is one of the first things to go, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Let the large Lancaster Pa Hotels be the cornerstone of your new tradition – a “staycation.” A ataycation is a vacation without the huge travel costs because you stay closer to home. Instead of flying to Florida, Mexico or Europe have a staycation in Lancaster, and take advantage of the wide choice of hotels and the many different attractions in the area.

Lancaster, PA is in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country and is traditionally known for its large Amish community. It also is a central spot for learning about the Civil War and the African American contribution to the American Revolution. It is this diverse set of options that makes Lancaster so attractive and this diversity is reflected in the range of hotels Lancaster has to offer.

The many different types of hotels guarantee that there is something for every style and taste. For those that are looking to explore the historic and quiet side of the Lancaster area there are hotels that were built in the late 1800s plus hotels out in the country where you can awake to the birds and enjoy beautiful sunset views. Spa hotels will appeal to those looking for some pampering. A unique experience can be had staying in a hotel featuring a train caboose or by sleeping near a water park.

To help you choose which hotel is perfect for your staycation, consider the many things there are to do, and choose a hotel that is central to your attractions. To help keep the costs of your staycation within your budget, plan to take in the many free things there are to do in the Lancaster area. From your hotel you can be minutes away from 28 covered bridges, Amish country, one-room school houses, museums and factory tours with free sampling! If you are looking for a little bit more excitement there are water parks, haunted theme parks, paintballing and family amusement parks.

Combine a historical Lancaster hotel with tours of nearby Gettysburg and Harrisburg, historical walking tours, an Underground Railway reenactment experience and the National Civil War Museum for a staycation that is sure to please any American Revolution and Civil War history buff. If trains are more your thing, then you can’t get any better than a stay in the Lancaster area hotel that is near railroad museums and tours and rides on local historic trains.

While the history or railroad buff is off exploring, other family members can spend their time at the more than 100 factory direct stores that can be found close to any Lancaster hotel, at the Rockvale or Tanger Outlet Malls. Or they can take the short trip to Hershey, PA for everything chocolate related.

So, just because money is tight, you don’t have stay at home in the backyard this summer. Plan your Lancaster, PA staycation, starting with the hotel that will set the entire mood. The hotels in Lancaster not only are a place to sleep, they can be the cornerstone for the entire trip.

Christian Entrepreneur Deepak Mahtani – From Hinduism to Christianity via the highway of tragedy

DeepakDeepak Mahtani had everything he ever dreamed of in life: money, a flourishing company, class, and business degrees from Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan, and American College, Switzerland. He followed his family’s tradition of serving the Eastern gods and rested assured that he was living life to the fullest. Born into a Sindhi Indian family, Mahtani grew up learning the Hindu scriptures, attending their services and participating in the rituals that come along with the faith. His father was a businessman from Pakistan who fled to India because of tribal persecution. He settled in Bombay with a few rupees and started a business. Not long afterward, he got on a cargo ship and relocated 6,000 miles to Indonesia.

He gave birth to his son Deepak and two other siblings in Hong Kong, and four years later, relocated to Japan. They still practiced their Hindu religion and his father always drilled into the heads of his children that -money and success is all that you need to be happy in life.-

He had no idea that hell was around the corner until an unexpected tragedy struck and changed his life for good. His sister came to visit him in Geneva for two weeks. She had an automobile accident and died instantly. It was a very traumatic experience that left him in severe depression for six months. He lost interest in his business, started smoking, was drinking excessively and suicidal until he met a fellow Sindhi Indian in Geneva who was a Christian. This new friend tried to introduce him to his Christian God but Mathani was adamant. His friend encouraged him not to reject the Christian God, but to focus on the man Jesus and His word. Bathani got a Bible and began reading the words of Jesus in red and gradually started believing in the God of the Bible.

At the age of 12, Mahtani lost his mother to kidney disease. Even though he was the baby of the family, he was determined to succeed at all costs. Upon graduation from school, he started an electronics distribution company that he took from zero to $4 million in four years. His wealth came with a luxurious lifestyle: first-class travel, five-star hotels, nice clothes and money to do whatever he wanted. He was fluent in English, French, Spanish, Japanese, and two Indian languages. His busy schedule did not accommodate anything to do with God; he was brutally aggressive about getting what he wanted to the point of pushing people out of the way without blinking an eye. For Mahtani back then, what could be sweeter than the -heaven- he was experiencing on earth?

He had no idea that hell was around the corner until an unexpected tragedy struck and changed his life for good. His sister came to visit him in Geneva for two weeks-then got in a car accident and died instantly. The trauma of her death left him in severe depression for six months. He lost interest in his business, started smoking, was drinking excessively and suicidal until he met a fellow Sindhi Indian in Geneva who was a Christian. This new friend tried to introduce him to his Christian God, but Mahtani was adamant. His friend encouraged him not to reject the Christian God but to focus on the man Jesus and His Word. Mahtani got a Bible and began reading the words of Jesus in red and gradually started believing in the God of the Bible.

After praying without success to other gods for one good night’s sleep, his request was granted by the God of the Bible. That was how he gave his life to Christ. Today, he shares the Gospel all over the world, especially with Hindus and Sikhs and business people. He is actively involved in leadership in his local church and is married to Celia. They have two grown boys–Arun and Sanjay.

When he first converted to Christianity, his family members were unhappy and extremely skeptical. Over time they saw the positive impact of his new-found faith. His act of loving and accepting his family despite their differences in belief caused his older sister and niece to turn to Christianity.

Today, Mahtani is a management training consultant specializing in understanding culture and working with different cultures, especially those of India, Japan, and China. He has coached and trained hundreds of senior managers who are involved in outsourcing to Indian companies and in remote team management around the globe. Most of his clients are FTSE100 and Fortune 500 companies, and he sits on a number of boards.

Apart from his business interests, he is actively involved in a number of charities both in the UK and South Asia that raise funds for health, development, and education in developing countries. He was included in the International Who’s Who of Niedeis (2001). He recently participated in writing a book called Sindhi Journeys of Faith–20 stories of Sindhis around the world who have come to know Christ. All 2,000 copies of the book have been distributed, and another reprint is being planned.

-After 20 years of being a follower of Jesus Christ, He has answered my prayers,- Mahtani says, summing up his Christian experience. -Today, I am even more successful than I ever was, not because of money but because of the people I met through my faith as I traveled round the world.-

His message for the world is, -God is a God of love, and Jesus is his means of demonstrating that for each one of his children. He so wants a relationship with each one of us. Don’t think of it as a religion but rather as a love story. Also don’t believe and live the lies that have been spoken over you by the evil one and people who he uses to discourage us.-

Let us lift up Deepak Mahtani in prayer–that the Lord will continue to empower him to reach others with the Good News, in the name of Jesus. Pray that his efforts will not be in vain and unlimited favor will be his portion at all times, in Jesus’ name.

By May Olusola