Examples Of Hotel Management Kpi That You Can Use

There are literally thousands of hospitality business indicators that you can use right now. These indicators are commonly known as the hotel management KPI. When you have an effective KPI set for your hotel business, this removes the guesswork when it comes to managing the hotel business. What this does is that it checks the performance of your business through the numbers or the figures so that the managers will be able to use the data in telling what is really gong on within the hotel. Before you get around and research about the hotel management KPI, you should know the difference between that and the hotel KRIs. These two are often compared to each other but they are quite diverse. The hotel KRIs do not focus on the good side of the performance of the company; instead, you will obtain data about how risky your hotel activities are. Having said that, they are also very useful when it comes to tracking the health of your business.

Now, when looking for the best hotel management KPI for your business, you should not only focus on the entire organization because it would be very difficult to do so. You will need to divide the KPIs into different groups or classifications so that it will be easier for you to keep track of them. Among the types of KPIs that you can utilize are the KPIs for reception or front desk efficiency, housekeeping, kitchen, sales, restaurant, store, maintenance and purchasing among others.

Many hotels nowadays offer housekeeping services for their clients. If the hotel that you are managing provides such to your guests, it is essential that you keep track of its performance. This is because many clients are meticulous when it comes to the cleanliness of their surroundings especially their rooms. They are on a vacation so they expect themselves to be pampered and not to be responsible for the task of cleaning their rooms. You can measure the efficiency of your housekeeping services through KPIs such as the number of available staff members for cleaning, the feedback of customers based upon the housekeeping services they have acquired and the total amount of time required for cleaning among others.

Of course, you cannot deny the fact that it is important for you to know how well your business is responding when it comes to the sales department. Cash flow is very significant especially in this type of business. Your hospitality business indicators may vary here according to the different sales efforts that you put out. For instance, if you have a website, you can check the number or the percentage of inquiries that have turned into sales. You can also use KPIs that will tell you about the number of sales per head on your restaurant or your bar. You can also measure the gross profit on sales, the stock turnover, the carrying cost of the stock and the stock value.

Aside from the financials and the customer sales, it is important that you are well aware of how your employees are performing. Always ensure that you have a set of good hotel management KPI that will aid you in monitoring the behavior, the professionalism and the demeanor of your workers.

Perfect Christmas Party Hotels

Locating and booking a perfect place for your Christmas party can be a nightmare. First, you have to take into account the number of people that will be coming, and whether or not they will be bringing guests. Secondly, you want to make sure that the location you choose is large enough, yet at the same time comfortable enough to keep all those people in the Christmas spirit. Someone’s home is often much too small, although comfortable, and a large corporate centre just is not comfortable, although it may be big enough. An excellent compromise would be Christmas party hotels.

At Christmas party hotels, you can book a room, a series of rooms, or a larger area such as a conference centre for your Christmas party. Christmas party hotels are a perfect match for several reasons. First, they have the space. Secondly, they have the comfort. Thirdly, you can pick and choose the amenities that you would like to have. Finally, you can take advantage of catering, maid service, and decorating from the hotel directly.

They Have The Space

Christmas party hotels will have the space you are looking for during the Christmas season. Whether you are doing a small party that can be contained in a large suite, or whether you are doing a larger party that will need a bigger area, Christmas party hotels have all these areas available for you. Not only do the hotels have enough space, but they also come with that space furnished. When you book a party at a hotel, you will be able to tell them what you need. You can customize the type of furniture that is found in those rooms, so your party will be comfortable, as well.


It is the comfort that drives many people to book Christmas party hotels for their parties. Many people enjoy parties where they feel like they are at home. With a hotel, you can take advantage of good seating arrangements with couches and chairs, beautiful decorations, and an overall warm ambience for your party. Your guests will feel well taken care of and very special when attending your event at Christmas party hotels.

Choosing Amenities

Most Christmas party hotels also let you pick and choose the things that you would like to have at your party. Do you want several couches to sit on in the room, or would you like small tables and chairs? Do you need a head table for people to sit at, or would you prefer that everyone sit at the same table? Also, the hotel can take care of the extra touches such as audio or visual equipment to add to the party and the ease of communication with them.

Taking Advantage Of What A Hotel Has To Offer

However, perhaps the most important reason that many people choose to book their events at Christmas party hotels is that you can take advantage of the things that are right there waiting for you. If you would like to serve food at your party, the catering staff will provide you with the food and serve it to you, as well. The hotel can provide a pay-as-you go bar for your guests’ enjoyment, if you decide to have one. If you would like to have music, the hotel staff will provide you with the sound system and the set up. For parties that need a lot of set up or clean up beforehand, the maid staff at the hotel will do this too. There is a decorating staff that will help you with the set up and decorating of the area for your party. If the hotel is a rather fancy one, there is also going to be a parking service for you and your guests.

World Class Hotels Near Chennai Airport

Chennai is often termed as the cultural capital of India for its deep-rooted traditions and long heritage. Today this buoyant metropolis is a blend of the old and the new, the traditional and the modern. One can find number of good cheap hotels in Chennai with all basic amenities such as a telephone, an alarm clock, a television, a safe, a mini-bar with snack foods and drinks. They offer a regal combination of royal ambience and contemporary world class luxury, with a touch of softness and indulgence. The hotels of the city of Chennai provide quick and crisp service for smart travellers seeking hassle-free and contemporary experiences. They provide an array of standard facilities, remarkable services and homely comfort to its guests. The hotel with its intricate design, modern and traditional design creates a unique in-room experience. Business centre with all mega features such as wi-fi, internet, fax and photocopy, video conferencing etc makes your trip surely convenient and successful.

The state of the art facilities of the Hotels near Chennai Airport blend style and comfort to create a memorable event. The easy connectivity to the airport and accessibility to the major corporate offices makes it a popular location for business traveller. A unique blend of conventional and modern thoughts, the hotel is surely a surprise package for travel lovers. Keeping in mind the number of tourist visits the city in a day the staff of hotels are all well behaved and trained. Visitors from far off places are overwhelmed by the warm and pleasant service they receive at the hotel. Few of the hotels have shopping facility displaying special antique, cultural items, handicrafts for gift purpose. The dining options at the hotel provide a great opportunity to savour cuisines from around the globe. The hotels of the city of Chennai provide quick and crisp service for smart travellers seeking hassle-free and contemporary experiences. They provide an array of standard facilities, remarkable services and homely comfort to its guests. The hotel with its intricate design, modern and traditional design creates a unique in-room experience. Business centre with all mega features such as wi-fi, internet, fax and photocopy, video conferencing etc makes your trip surely convenient and successful.

Hotels with good infrastructure and efficient service are easily available across the city within the reach of the tourists. The hotel with its artistic ambience will surely enchant you all through your stay. There are various Ayurveda spa and resort offering an array of spa treatments for the much needed holistic inner peace. Cheap hotels in Chennai also offer facilities like baby sitting, currency exchange, direct dial STD/ISD, and a mini-bar making your trip cherished in true sense. Once you enter the hotel you will be experience the limitless hospitality, the premium characteristics of the hotel. There are various types of guest rooms and suites which allows the valued guests a choice to suit their taste. Hotels near Chennai Airport boasts of world class facilities and amenities that ensure guests of a relaxing and comfortable stay. With cosy accommodations and super warm hospitality, the stay at the hotel will be surely worth remembering.

Benefits Of Green And Wellness Hotels In Italy

The benefits of green hotel Italy and wellness hotel Italy far overcome the benefits of other types of hotels. These hotels both benefit the environment as well as you. Hotels such as these tend to also have good reputations, and for a good reason!

Environmentally friendly hotels use only non-toxic cleaning products to clean. This keeps the environment clean and you safe from harmful chemicals. Nobody wants to inhale bleach or other potentially deadly solutions. Sheets, towels, and mattresses are 100% cotton and the electricity used at the hotel is generated by solar or wind energy. All food served is organic and local-grown as well.

Wellness hotels are known for having great spas that make guests very comfortable to the point where they never want to leave. These hotels may provide other services such as day spas and hot tubs. Hotels such as these are a favorite amongst many travelers.

Green hotels can prove difficult to find so it is recommended that you enter “Green hotel Italy” in search engines to find such hotels. If you would like to find wellness hotels in Italy, you can enter “Wellness hotel Italy.” Otherwise, it may take you a very long time to find good green and wellness hotels, so using the keywords “Green hotel Italy” and “Wellness hotel Italy” is your best bet.

The 5 Most Famous Haunted Hotels In Europe

Europe is the home to marvelous castles, scenic spots and numerous well-known tourist attractions and travelers can find congenial and Discount Hotels to make their vacation in Europe a pleasurable experience. If you are looking for some historic or haunted hotels, you will get them in all countries of Europe to enjoy every moment in their holiday destination.

In England, there are a number of old haunted lodging that can bring a chilling sensation and drive an adventure-seeker into extreme ecstasy. You can select from numerous castles of 12th-century to manor houses of 18th-century each telling the tale of haunted history. If you really want a haunted retreat select from the list of famous haunted hotels in England and avail Cheap Hotel Booking from their online websites.

Ackergill Tower is a castle haunted by Green Lady and built in the 15th-century and located near the Scottish seashore. If you are in a business trip to England and organizing an exclusive event, you will be able to book the entire establishment. You can tantalize your taste buds with their local delicacies that range from seafood to all forms of red meat. For Cheap Hotels Booking, check for person packages that is offered from time to time.

Ballygally Castle Hotel is haunted by Lady Isabella Shaw, the spouse of Lord James Shaw. It was built near the Irish coast in 1625 about 20 miles away from Belfast offering more than 44 bedrooms and have 3 executive suites.

In Germany, Hotel Burg Eisenstein is a famous haunted hotel haunted by the headless dead spirit of a highway robber, Dietrich von Hoeffels. This robber was killed with his nine sons by owner of the castle, Rudolf von Habsburg. You will enjoy all forms of modern amenities at affordable price.

In Italy, the Villa Agostini della Seta of Corliano located in San Giuliano Terme in Pisa is haunted by Teresa della Seta Bocca Gaetani, a very mischievous ghost. If you are an adventure-seeker and wish to drive yourself in extreme ecstasy book your room here and hear the giggles of the ghost and listen to the sound of sudden moving objects and feel a chill sensation run down your spine when you see the ghost run down the passages of this villa.

If you are seeking a haunted hotel in Romania, Decebal Hotel is an ideal choice. You will be thrilled to catch the sight of woman dressed in white gown guarding the antique treasure supposedly located near the Baile Herculane spa in the hotel. For Cheap Hotel Booking, you can check for promotional packages that are offered to their customers from time to time in their website.