Planning A Wedding Abroad With Karisma Hotels & Resorts

Weddings, moving house and divorces are meant to be the most stressful things to go through in life and as more brides and grooms are opting to tie the knot abroad, the stress levels are likely to increase.

However, help is available for couples planning weddings abroad via Faith Wishnie, the director of wedding services for Karisma Hotels & Resorts.

According to Wishnie, the rising number of destination weddings is down to the changes in todays modern society.

“Awareness of destination (wedding) options has really jumped. This is because of family and friends being spread across the world, people are travelling more now, and the Internet has played a big part because it’s easy to do the research,” she explained.

Beach weddings are a popular option for loved-up couples who are seeking romance and a picturesque setting. Destinations such as the Caribbean are among the favourites due to the large number of all inclusive resorts, tailor-made wedding packages and considerably lower costs compared to weddings in the United Kingdom.

Many of the resorts offer free wedding planners who can take care of all of the details, from the marriage licence and legal documents, to the flowers, photographer, music and catering.

“The trend is (for brides) who want to have the planning simplified and have everything taken care of,” added Wishnie.

Karisma Hotels and Resorts has 12 wedding planners who can help brides and grooms plan their dream Cancun weddings via email and over the phone, plus 15 onsite wedding coordinators who are available at the hotel groups seven properties across Cancun and the Riviera Maya.

The resorts also offer a separate groom’s room, so the bride and groom can both get ready in privacy before the ceremony.
Wishnie offers a couple of tips for couples so they can enjoy stress-free weddings abroad:

Don’t check-in anything that you’ll absolutely need or want for the big day. Carry your dress with you and/or buy anything there that you definitely want for the wedding, she said.

Don’t bring party favours with you. We can work with you to get favours or flowers and decorations cheaper (onsite).”

Budget And Best Hotels In Udaipur

If you are looking for the budget and best hotels in Udaipur than you should check this article carefully. There are lots of budget and best hotels in Udaipur but they don’t provide more facilities in low budget. These types of hotels are trying to make you fool. But don’t worry we helps you to find out the best and budget hotels in Udaipur at low price with more facilities.
The Hotel Krishna Leela Regency Udaipur is one of the most recommended hotels that are found budget and best hotel in the precious country of Udaipur Rajasthan, India. If you choose to stay in this hotel, you will definitely have an amazing view of the City because of its central location. You can also see the breathtaking view of the -Gulab Bagh- as you stay in this hotel. There are about total 30 rooms and even 4 suites that you can choose from. Every standard room, Deluxe room and suite is ensured to provide the best of comfort and relaxation that you definitely deserve in your vacation.
You can enjoy their City view rooms where you can have an amazing view of the peaceful garden near the area. The architectural style of the area is greatly inspired by the Indian culture. The hotel also has a Roof-Top which can give you a great view of the Udaipur City and lakes, Gulab Bagh etc. As you stay in this hotel, you can definitely have a taste of luxurious and elegant living at very low price because it is one of the best and low budget hotels in Udaipur.
If you choose this hotel, you can truly have a quick access to some of the most famous destinations in the area like the Gulab Bagh, Jag Mandir Palace, City Palace and Museum, Lake Pichola, Lake Fateh Sagar, Lake Dudh Talai and the Saijangarh or the famous Monsoon Palace.
The total Thirty rooms of hotel are divided into Two Suites, Nine Deluxe rooms and, Nineteen Standard rooms all of them are well furnished and air conditioned. All the washrooms have cold and hot running water and the guests can avail 24-hour room service at no cost.
The 19 Standard rooms are simply decorated and amenities here include cable television, intercom, sofa chairs and a dressing table. The 9 Deluxe rooms have the same amenities as well as layout as Standard rooms, only they are bigger than Standard room and have a curtain-partition that demarcates the seating area with the couch from the bed area.
The 2 Suites are the largest with a sleeping area and a seating area (study table, couch, dressing table), both separated by curtains. The washrooms are roomy and clean.
Multi Cuisine Restaurant with Indian, Chinese, Continental Veg. & Non Veg. You can enjoy here best quality of food.
The Cozy Open Air Restaurant with a clear view of World famous City Palace surrounded by greenery of Gulab Bagh, with a capacity up to 300 people.
The conference hall is entirely red, with a capacity of 20 – 150 guests at a time. The hall is equipped with modern conferencing equipment (projector, LCD, etc.). So if you have any event or conference than come here and get best price.
On the ground floor lies the ‘Cheers’ bar with a wooden floor and the bar counter studded with mirrors.
So when you come in Udaipur stay in hotel Krishna Lila regency at very low price with more services like free WI-FI Connectivity.
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Sandos Takes Over Le Meridien Cancun With New Sandos Cancun Luxury Experience Resort

Starting 1st March 2012, Le Meridien Cancun Resort & Spa will be transformed into the new Sandos Cancun Luxury Experience Resort, as the Sandos brand takes over the hotel property to add yet another gem to their luxury collection of Cancun hotels and resort.

The former Le Meridien Cancun Resort & Spa has been owned and operated by Sandos Hotels & Resorts since 2010 and ever since then it has been upgraded and adapted to be ready to offer the Total Gourmet Experience – a High End All Inclusive Programme by Sandos to all its guests.

In conjunction with the new deluxe all inclusive programme, Sandos has fully renovated the resort’s Lobby Bar, which opened this past December 2011. By March 1st 2012, when the hotel’s full name change takes effect and the re-branding process is completed, the hotel will have added two brand new restaurants to delight the palates of guests with luxury culinary creations and a superior gourmet experience.

These changes will have a positive impact on all stays and as such the resort will be providing a special price to upgrade from European Plan (room only) to Total Gourmet Experience (AI) for those guests who already booked their Cancun holidays at the resort under the former European Plan for dates from March 1st 2012 onwards.

As stated by Mr. Alan Duggan in his recent communication, both companies, Starwood Hotels & Resorts (former owners of Le Meridien Cancun) and Sandos Hotels & Resorts, are fully committed to the smooth transfer of brands and the satisfaction of their guests for better and enhanced luxury experiences during Cancun holidays at the new Sandos Cancun.

Before the takeover, Le Meridien Cancun Resort & Spa was already a highly successful and acclaimed luxury resort with a Four Diamond restaurant and a distinctly glamorous French touch. Offering the best of Mexican hospitality perfectly complemented by timeless elegance with the finest European-style spa in Cancun, Le Meridien Cancun already had a reputation as one of the top Latin American resorts, as judged by Conde Nast Travellers’ Reader’s Choice Poll. The new takeover by Sandos will only add to the property’s prestige, with renovated interiors, upgraded rooms and a new set of lavish facilities for truly luxurious holiday experiences in Cancun.

Ways To Get A Free Hotel Upgrades In Texas

Ways to Get a Free Hotel Upgrades in Texas.

There is no secret formula for getting a guaranteed hotel upgrade. Why settle for a single when you can have the penthouse suite! Here is a list of tips for getting your hotel free room upgrade which are sure fire ways of landing the best possible room at no extra charge.

Tip #1: Ask Three Times. Make your reservation by phone and ask the operator for a free upgrade. A few days before arrival call to confirm the room, this makes the operator look at your reservation and has the ability to make a change. Now on arrival ask yet again.

Tip #2. Look the part. On arrival make sure you do not look like you’ve just come out of the dump, looking sharp gives the reception clerk reason to give you a free upgrade.

Tip #3. Be Nice. Each interaction you have with an employee at the hotel should be pleasant, go out of your way to be nice to them, if you don’t get a free hotel room upgrade you’ll sure to get good service.

Tip #4. Invite reason for a special occasion. When you call and go to reception be sure to talk about your special occasion, anniversary wedding or otherwise. Don’t say it’s your birthday unless your birthday is really close or just past because they have your details on file.

Tip #5. Play the sympathy card. Explain that your anniversary you wanted to be special and get a good room but couldn’t afford to get it, by doing this the person at reception feels sorry for you and might just upgrade your hotel room for free.

Tip #6. Don’t go when it’s busy. On busy nights chances are the rooms are full and you can’t get an upgrade because there is no room to upgrade you in.

Tip #7. Only stay one night. By only staying one night the hotel doesn’t have to worry about you tying up the room for so long, the hotel wants one night guests for upgrade because when and if the traveller wants to extend chances are they won’t change rooms and they’ll want the expensive room.

Tip #8 Be Loyal. On your first night join the hotels loyalty program, by being a frequent guest you get discounts and free upgrades for your loyalty.

Tip #9 Suck up to the hotel manager. The person with the most power to get you a free room is the hotel manager, find the hotel manager and make sure you tell him how fantastic your stay is and how much you love this hotel and that he is doing a fantastic job keeping the hotel up like this. You never know he might just put a note on your file and next time you get a free hotel upgrade.

Tip #10 Write them a letter. After your stay at the hotel come home and write the hotel a letter, thanking them for their service and the room. It’s not un-common that people receive and email back with coupons discounts and hotel room upgrades.

Tip #11 Be persistent. If you keep trying out tips 1-9 you will get a free hotel upgrade. Texans are really nice people and if you show your gratitude they are sure to pay you back.

So how do you get something for free when other people are paying good money for? By following these tips your sure to get a good upgrade. If you’re looking for a hotel room in Texas where it’s possible to get a free hotel room upgrade check the Hotels in Texas site for more information on hotels that give free upgrades.

Sustainable Travel Tourism With Eco Friendly Green Hotels And Their Impact

Many business have put heavy emphasis on becoming green. Usually the phrase green refers to products or, some say, a new ideology which includes the environment in most of the manufacturing process. The hotel industry is the same,even thought they have been opposed to change,it has just recently caught up to similar industries who have managed to incorporate green strategies. The growth of tourism itself is one of the primary causes of damage to the environment. The goals of sustainable travel are to diminish the negative effects locally and globally. Eco tourism puts equal attention on energy, conservation, ecology, and community as well as issues that are important to almost all eco-lodges.

An Eco hotel is one that has been built to, or made modifications that will leave a smaller environmental footprint. These hotels have to be certified for green strategies by an independent third party, or on basis of its location, it can be certified by the concerned state. Location of these hotels were mostly presented as Eco lodges by tradition (many times in temperate rain forests) according to the design they own. The lodging business is a principal user of resources and goods. Land, furnishings, construction materials, food, cleaning supplies and equipment, these are included in the consumption. There is the every-day usage of water and power. Water and power is consumed all day by hotels, working non-stop, for general operations, cleaning, and guest use.

The goods that are used in the hotel must be made and used with a concern for the environment. The legal tender worn stereotyped like bathe, holy spirit, newspapers, and cleanup stores, are minimized to cut the coercion on the surround. While booking a hotel, people are careful to select the ones which are environmentally supportive, as in the case of purchasing products that are harmless to the environment. When new water-saving techniques and equipment is implemented water bills are drastically cut back.

Consumers prefer to choose hotels have an enviromental awareness and the also prefer to buy products according to their enviromental sensitivities. Water bills are sure to reduce drastically if latest techniques are implemented. Recycling and avoiding wastefully packaged products can prevent loss drastically in hotels caused due to waste hauling If there is no suspended particulate in air or on food or thing we touch, which may be poisonous or toxic leads to the conception that we not breathing or absorbing them.

Green labeling should now be utilized to a far greater extent in the lodging business. Ever since 2003, European Eco-labels have been able for all tourism accommodation operators in the EU. There are strict standards that must be met by each operator in regards to both environmental performance and standards of health. Eco hotels make considerable contributions to all aspects of the local communities environmental, economic, cultural, and ecological provisions. has a worldwide directory service that connects those who want to stay in an eco friendly and healthy environment, with hotel owners who have realized the benefits of building and owning “green” hotels. Numerous guest will want to visit a green hotel simply because they take steps to make the environment better. Recycling and reducing the consumption of natural resources like water or energy can be done through simple steps.