Life at its best in luxury hotels Chicago

If youre on a business trip in Chicago and you need a place to go to the luxury hotels Chicago should be your pick! There are vast choices of these hotels all around Chicago; each giving you the most relaxing and satisfying stay.

As a metropolitan city, Chicago also offers a lot of lakes and parks for you to visit. But mostly, people who come here are in business trips or corporate seminars. In late 2008, the city attracted over 30 million travelers and has contributed to the already progressive economy of Chicago.

Chicago is also famous for its crowded shopping centers, energetic night life, and breathtaking architectures. So youre stay at a multiplex here will not be boring s there are many pplaces that you can go to.

These luxury hotels Chicago will surely help you unwind and remove some stress after a days full or hard work. These hotels also provide you with recreational activities or various means of pampering like spas, Jacuzzis, and soothing massages.

The hotels designs are absolutely stylish and special. Some of their exclusive services include 24 hour room service, WiFi connection, VIP treatments, and appetizing cuisines. The only thing youll have to do is choose from Chicagos wide array of five star hotels and any choice would absolutely give you comfort.

The following are just some of the luxurious hotels that you can find here in Chicago:

The Ritz Carlton Hotel. This has been one of the most top rated hotels in the world. It provides you with the best luxury that you can think of while giving you the perfect place to relax. This is also the place to go to as it offers a nice overview of some of the citys parts and they have just recently renovated their suites and guest rooms.

The Peninsula hotel, considered as one of the most luxurious hotels ever in existence, is the place where you will be treated as a royalty. There are four different restaurants here to satisfy your hunger and they have also added a bar to burn up some free time. The hotel has over 300 luxurious suites that are each armed with modern amenities to suit your taste. This is wisely situated near the airport and various other attractions, so having fun is just a stones throw away.

After a days stress in the city, youd surely want to get pampered by one of these luxury hotels Chicago. They will always make sure that you are given the service that you always deserve; all of these while admiring the beauty of the city.

So start the escapade and rent a room in one of Chicagos deluxe hotels and youll sure to hang around for a while.

What amenities are standard in Orlando hotels

The Orlando area has more than 400 local Orlando hotels. Each one offers a range of amenities to secure a comfortable and convenient stay for each guest.

So what are some of the standard amenities you might be interested in when staying at a hotel in Orlando?

Complimentary shuttles. Since so many Orlando hotels are located just minutes away from theme parks, you will find that many of them offer free shuttle transportation. Some Orlando hotels also provide transportation to Orlando International Airport. Be sure to ask about this if you dont have a car with you.

Pools. Most of the hotels have pools. Some even have waterslides. Others have acouple of pools and slides. And youll even find Jacuzzis. What better way to enjoy the Orlando sun than to splash around the hotel pool?

Concierge services. Many local provide customers concierge services. If you need assistance booking dinner reservations, finding the best spa or getting advice on which Orlando theme parks to visit, the concierge can help you out.

Coffeemakers and ironing boards. Most Orlando hotels offer these amenities, this way you can be sure to start your mornings off free of any stress. In addition to coffee makers, many of the hotels in Orlando FL even provide complimentary coffee to guests.

Cleaning services. This is probably a given. Youll find daily maid service and staff members who will assist you with any housekeeping concerns you may have.

Gift shops. At the themed hotels and resorts, youll find themed gift shops. But at most of the area hotels, youll find some kind of Orlando souvenirs.

Dryers and washers. Not all of the local hotels will have washer & dryer units, but some do. And some are even free. This is certainly worth looking intoespecially if you are planning on staying in Orlando for a few days. Also, some hotels offer dry cleaning services.

Lounge and restaurant. Most Orlando hotels have a lounge and restaurant. Some even provide happy hours, complimentary cocktail receptions or complimentary breakfasts.

Fitness centers. Whether its a small gym or a larger fitness center, most hotels in Orlando FL accommodate guests who desire to stay in shape. The facilities are usually free to guests but it never hurts to double check with the hotel before booking your room.

Wake-up phone calls. These are usually offered free of charge.

Each hotel provides unique amenities, but these are the main ones that you will see at each hotel. If you are seeking something specific, do not forget to inquire about it before getting your reservation.

Hotels Guide – Part 2 of 4

Classification and hotels reservation

Regarding Italy, law differentiates the hotel services in:

– hotels: receptive services open to the public, with unitary administration providing lodging, possibly food and other accessory services, thanks to the reservation of rooms in hotels; – motel: hotels particularly equipped for the stop and services of vehicles or crafts assuring them repair services and fuel supply; – villages hotel: hotels that, in a single area, give centralized services to users of residence units located in more establishments.

This distinction, besides substituting the traditional structure among hotels, pensions, and inns, cancels the distribution in the traditional categories (from first to fourth), and hold the same rules regarding reservation of rooms in hotels. The law stipulates that hotels be marked, in descending order, from 5, 4, 3, 2 or 1 star.

The enclosed denomination “luxury” is also stipulated, for five-stars hotels classified according to typical standards of international class.

Local authorities must fix the criteria for the classification of the receptive structures keeping in mind the dimensions, the structural requirements, the services offered and the qualification of specialists, the criteria and modalities in the reservation of rooms.

The law limited itself to set down the minimum requirements that should have the receptive services to be classified as hotels. They are:

– receptive capacity not lower than seven rooms; – presence of at least a hygienic service for every ten beds; – a bathroom with hot and cold current water for each room; – a room for common use; – technological facilities and an appropriate amount of qualified specialists for the running of the installation.

To determine the categories of hotels, that is, to assign the adequate number of stars, it’s used a punctuation expressing the quality of the best offerings of the facilities, the services the hotels are able to guarantee, the location, etc.

Also in this case, as explained before for travel agencies, local laws are quite uniform and use very similar features, as well as for the reservation of rooms. They dispose, for one-star hotels to have characteristic for which at least thirty points must have been assigned, for two-stars at least eighty points, until the 340 points of five-stars luxury hotels. The private bathroom in all the rooms vouches 30 points, if 90% of the rooms is endowed with bathroom 25 points must be assigned, if the rooms with bathroom are the 70% the points must be 20, etc. The night porter vouches 10 points, as well as the 24-hours room services; direct line telephone in each room gives 8 points, the same thing for the telex; color television in each room accounts 5 points, black and white television 4; for the covered pool 10 points, the uncovered one 5; and so forth.

The classification of hotels is made on the request of the hotel itself, which should indicate, in its application, the punctuation reached, result of the sum of parameters they offer.

How To Start And Run A Hotel Business Successfully

If you are thinking to start to start your own hotel business, it is better to plan your business priorities first. It will help you to know what exactly you need in order to achieve your business objective. Every business needs a robust business plan before it gets started whether its matter of raising funds or to run the business. Here are few steps to enable you to start your hotel business successfully.

Raising Funds
Every business needs money to be invested in it to function properly and when you are starting a new hotel, money is the critical element of your planning. Whether you are planning to buy an established hotel or constructing your own from the scratch, you need strong financial planning for it. The best source to raise funds is taking a business loan from a bank. You can approach to any bank of your choice but before that keep your business plan ready. Nearly all banks need a business plan as an integral part of your loan application

Location of Hotel
A right location matters a lot for your hotel to get success. For example if your hotel is located in an area where competitors are unable to fulfill the requirements of travelers your hotel can touch the heights of success and if your hotel is located on a walking distance from the main tourist attraction but there is lot of competition your hotel might not get enough guests. If you hotel is located near to airport or railway station or bus stand, you will get many guest without doing any thing. You also have to think that shopping places and entertainment places are easily accessible from hotel.

Business strategy is the foundation of successful hotel business. Your strategy should be very clear in concept without any confusion. It is better to plan your business strategies in advance. Just ask few questions to yourself like How you will fulfill the requirements of families, kids, honeymoon couples, business travelers and international tourists. And What kind of services you will offer to your guest. A good strategy is always a key to success in any business.

Hospitality Experience
If you are new to this industry you might face lots challenges to gain success. You must know How you want your guests to be treated in your hotel. Every guest in your hotel needs highest level of attention and service whether its a family or business traveler. It is better to first get a job in a hotel, learn some basics of hospitality industry and then start your own hotel.

Once your hotel is up and running, you need customers. If you will not get enough guests in your hotel your business will fail. To attract guest you must run effective marketing campaign and you must advertise your hotel. You must contact travel agents and franchise to get bookings in your hotel. There are many online hotel booking websites, you must register with them. Your hotel must have an effective website of its own with online hotel booking facility so that your customers can make direct booking with you and you dont have to pay commission to travel agent. You can pass this saving to your guest by lowering down your tariff or by providing then additional services.


When you are traveling, carry precisely the essentials and make your own luggage lighting. The fewer things take, this less possibility of important products losing your way as well as finding taken. Minimize a sets of shoes a person hold, because they are often the most significant in addition to largest stuff you are going to be having on the holiday.

Always be variable when making the travel plans. Except there is quite a few reason that you will need to vacation over a certain time, mobility can help you save cash. Permitting your booking web site to try to find flight tickets around necessary vacation times will save you over a $ 100 per journey, especially when this adjusts a person off all some sort of end of the week air travel.

When you are traveling to a new spot, make certain that you will be ready to accept diverse local customs. Ideas may be odd, nevertheless end up being respectful associated with various other ethnicities. Not necessarily featuring admiration without making time for neighborhood customs can be a true downer on your trip causing you to be definitely not experience made welcome in a very location.

Global travel is extremely pleasurable. On the particular jet airfare in your vacation destination, take along a phrase ebook and then try to be shown a couple of words inside the language of the way of life in places you will be spending occasion. You aren’t required to be fluent within the expressions and lots of locals is going to be excited that you simply attempted to be taught a tiny amount of the dialect. Do cease scared with regards to mistakes. Most individuals will take pleasure in a person aimed to become familiar with a small bit regarding tradition.

When you are traveling, take a trip since lumination as it can be. If you possibly could, prevent verifying suitcase. It will help speed things up when you invest in on and off aircraft. The particular less you are taking along, your a lesser amount of possibility you may have involving a little something becoming lost or harmed being delivered. Whenever you can, make an attempt to take a trip by using simply a carry-on case.

If making your reservation for a hotel room, avoid getting reluctant to negotiate. Although hotel sales person are unable to switch a lot of on price, there will probably be different incentives they could present, for instance meals as well as auto parking. In some cases the workdesk team does not work out to offer discount rates as well as programs except this visitor specifically requires about them.

Out of the way parts in many cases are being among the most interesting involving attainable holiday destinations. Just get necessities much like your pharmaceutical drug medications along. One technique for checking out it can be that if one thing isn’t you can purchase in which you are then you probably failed to are interested anyway! Items such as remedies, on the other hand, can be key therefore will not leave getting them to to help opportunity.

An advanced college student setting up go abroad, on the internet an international pupil identification cards before leaving. Numerous eating places, museums and galleries, as well as traveler puts a stop to offer you reductions any time you demonstrate undergraduate identification. While the greeting card is expensive to get initially, the benefits you use are often far larger than the foundation price.

Discover national getaways. Before you plan a person’s foreign journey, examine any calendar to ascertain if there are actually almost any holidays while having continue to be to foreign countries and just what actually when it comes to business as well as cafe closings. Perhaps it will have an affect on precisely what is open up as well as there for complete. You might find you could have lots or selections or even, it could be a day of remainder for the locals ( space ) that means on a daily basis squandered to suit your needs ( blank ) so you have nothing to complete.

To have all you need for your trip, you have to have efficient baggage. In case your suitcases is old or maybe are not able to consist of everything required, it is best to proceed invest in completely new luggage. Do not hesitate to buy high priced bags. Toughness promises that your chosen stuff will likely be covered in addition to good gear need to endure for years.

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