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Delhi the asset of India is full of life and the city has a very rich civilization, architectural and historical inheritance. It is a flawless convergence of traditions and modernity. Delhi is the 3rd largest city on the earth; it is famous for marvelous forts, European style government buildings built during British Raj, the skyscrapers, effervescent nightlife and dynamic markets. Delhi is the axis of political administration and a house to many transnational companies. It is a significant administration, commerce and tourist destination.

Delhi is a frequently visited city in India. It has an exceptional dining and accommodation choices to cater the needs of the tourists. There are abundant hotels in Delhi offering immaculate services, amicable warmth and lavish accommodation. Hotels in Delhi can be classified as luxury hotels, resorts, eco-friendly hotels, three star hotels, five star hotels and budget hotels.

The luxury and five star hotels in Delhi provide state-of-the-art services and outstanding accommodation harnessed with all business amenities. The hotels in Delhi provide an ideal base for budget tourists and backpackers to travel around the city. Delhi also has a large number of hotels at cheaper rates, which are well accoutered with all latest amenities and catering to the demands of travelers visiting the city.

These hotels in Delhi are a yardstick in the hospitality industry. Delhi hotels offer soothe and amenities of world-class standards complemented with unmatched luxury. The hotels in Delhi offer outstanding wining and dining options and you may easily find your desired international cuisine. The rooms of these Inns are very homely. The hotels in Delhi are accoutered with all the amenities to make your stay a comfy and memorable one. Delhi hotels leave no stone unturned to make you feel at home although being away from home.

Delhi has a large number of International chains operating and providing their assistance to the tourists. Most of the prominent hotels are based in New Delhi. Apart from finest accommodation and food, the hotels in Delhi offer you many additional amenities such as Spa, swimming pool, fitness center business facilities, and car rentals. These hotels are perfectly placed at strategic points.

The list of hotels in Delhi can be found on various websites and you can book a room online. The booking can be made through email or phone.Harry is the author of Delhi hotels that gives complete information on online hotel reservation for hotels from budget to five star hotels.

Hotels in Chicago

Here come the hotels and restaurants in Chicago! It has been noticed and observed with great care and attention that the hotels are ravishing and remarkable. The city of Chicago possess and have some kind of magical and appealing attribute that quickly and instantly capture and captivate the attention of each and every individual. All the food lovers should better lick these hotels and restaurants from top to bottom. This is the one and only golden opportunity for them to have the taste of real hotels and restaurants. Read on further and you will be able to get to know through this piece of writing the various and immense number of hotels and restaurants in Chicago. In this way, all of your queries and questions will be solved sooner or later. The Inn at the market, Fairmont hotel and Grand Hyatt Chicago are one of the top most hotels and restaurants in Chicago. Their environment and ambiance truly deserves a huge round of applause. They are quite and rather affordable. It has always been the common practice of city of Chicago to provide exceptionally great services to the tourists and visitors. This is only tip of the ice berg. Real pleasure and excitement can only be taken if you yourself are going to make use of these hotels and restaurants as soon as possible. Get up and go and make a visit to these magical places and make your moments to be remembered forever.

Hotel Monaco, Hilton Chicago Hotel and Hotel Vintage Park are also performing their job in a quite and rather satisfied way. The best Western Pioneer Hotel can also be the best choice that should be made right away. The luxurious hotels, family hotels and low budgeted hotels are large in number in the city of Chicago. The Sheraton Chicago Hotel has been located in such a ravishing and appealing location that will automatically make you stick to this particular hotel. The decor and the discount prices are quite and rather satisfying. You will surely not find any kind of trouble or difficulty while making out the choice form the above mentioned hotels and restaurants. The comfortable and soothing environment has totally and completely come up to the expectation of each and every individual. The city of Chicago has been trying its level best to bring more advancements and improvements in this sector as it plays a very important and vital role in the economy.

Hence, from the above mentioned discussion it is quite and rather evident that the hotels and restaurants in Chicago are exceptionally great and grand. Efforts and attempts are being done to bring out the best part from these hotels and also to retain and satisfy large number of visitors. Hopefully, in the future time period we will be able to see more hotels in Chicago in a better way and mode. That day will surely come sooner or later. Waiting for that day when we all will be enjoying the hotels of Chicago with more thrill and adventure!

Meru Kenya Town Hotels, Accommodation And Lodges

Located on the Eastern slopes of Mt Kenya, Meru has hotels that can be classified as town hotels and luxury lodges. In Meru National park accommodation is offered by luxury lodges, budget bandas and campsites. The town is catered for by town hotels in the categories of mid range and budget properties. Luxury lodges in the park like Leopard Rock, Elsa’s Kopje and offbeat will cost on average 800-1000 dollars per night on full board basis for double room, while mid range hotels in Meru town will cost on average Ksh 2500 per night.

Luxury properties in Meru include, Signature Hotel, Mwangaza White House Hotel and Gatimene Palm Springs. Located near Nakumatt, the Ornate signature Hotel has set up new standards for luxury hotels not only in Meru but the whole of Mt Kenya region. Neighboring Simba Wells Restaurant is the Mwangaza White House Hotel. From the hotel Balcony one enjoys Panoramic views of Nyambene Hills. The luxury Senator Suite at Mwangaza complete with a sauna machine and a treadmill goes for about Ksh 7000 per night. Single rooms will cost about Ksh 4000 per night for bed and Breakfast.

In a class of its own is the Gatimene Palm Springs. Located along the Meru Maua Road at Kaaga the hotel Luxury suites going for between Ksh 8000 to Ksh 10000 per night on BB. The hotels has a well tended garden where guests can relax and enjoy their meals. NOTE: Some of the hotel owners are very sensitive when it comes to photography. Do not ask me why.

Mid range properties in Meru town include, Meru Slopes Hotel (from KES 4000 per night), Nevada Palace Hotel, West Wind Hotel, County Hotel, The Blue towers, The white star, Hotel Royal prince, Safari Hotel, Hotel incredible and Hotel three steers. Budget properties in town are Brown rock, Ntugi lodge, Pig and Whistle, Hotel Milimani, Stansted hotel and Jaslee Guest House.

Slightly outside of town you will find, The Spa, Thiiri Centre, Camp David and
Rocky inn. Only Thiiri centre offers mid range accommodation.

Though budget in nature, Thiiri Centre is the only property in Meru with a swimming pool (Other swimming pools are to be found at Freds Academy and Meru Golf Club). Thiiri also has an expansive garden ideal for weddings and other outdoor meetings. It also has conference room, cyber cafe. Being a cultural centre at Thiiri is an ideal place to visit if you want to learn about culture. Music lessons are conducted daily.

The Nevada is among the new property in Meru Town. It is located at Makutano. It has well appointed rooms -Singles or Doubles going for between Ksh 1800 and Ksh 3500 for BB. The hotel also has conference facilities and secure parking.

Also new is the Meru West Wind Hotel. Located along the Meru Mau Road. It has exceptionally clean double single or twin rooms, private parking, conference facilities and secure parking. Conference is free to residing guests. Rooms go for about Ksh 2000-Ksh 4000 on BB

The Meru County.
Located in the town centre along Meru Nanyuki/Isiolo road opp district headquarters. Hotel has conference facilities, restaurant, bar, Nyama choma ranch. Room Rates on BB are Single Ksh 1500; Double Ksh 2500; Delux single Ksh 2000 ; Delux double Ksh 3000; Studio Suite Single Ksh 2500; Double Ksh 3500 ;Junior suite Single Ksh 3500; Double ksh 4000
Executive Suite Ksh 5000

Blue Towers hotel
Located at Makutano on Meru Mau Junction. Rooms with Tv, private bath with showers or bathtub. Suites have two bed rooms and writing table. Hotel has conference facilities, fitness centre, car park. No beer served.
Room Rates BB-Single Ksh 1500; Doubel ksh 2000; Delux Double occupancy 2300; Suite Double occupancy 2800

White Star hotel
Along Meru Mau Road. Hotel has conference facilities, conference room, restaurant. No beer served. Hotel rooms have private bath with showers, satellite tv. Room Rates BB-Single Ksh 1500; Doubel ksh 2000; Delux Double occupancy 2300

Three Steers Hotel
Located at Makutano. Hotel has conference facilities, restaurant, bar. Rooms are well appointed, individually built with private showers.
Room Rate BB (Approximately)-Single Ksh 1600, Double Ksh 2000

Inside Meru National park, one can get accommodation at the luxury game lodges of Leopard Rock, Elsa’s Kopje and Offbeat Camp. These will cost you USD 500 per night on full board double. Budget accommodation is provide by Kws bandas at Kina, Murera and bwatherongi. Bandas cost ksh 3500 and you need to organize your own meals. Murera bandas, located on the banks of Murera river have swimming pool and a campsite.

Hotel Iptv True Unified Communications For Hotels

HOSPITALITY IPTV True Unified Communications for Hotels
IPTV is the new buzz word in the hospitality sector and with good reason as it opens up a whole new world of interactivity and endless possibilities, which ultimately increases guest satisfaction and if designed correctly, will increase hotel revenue. However according to Wowtels managing director, Pietro Casoar, (, the Dreamwise IP unified communications system can provide much more than just TV to hotels. In this article we shall explore some critical elements that can dramatically benefit hotel operators by implementing the Wowtel Dreamwise system.

Lets take a look at some of the key points regarding the current conventional technology used in vast majority of hotels today. Conventional TV systems (Hotel MATV) consist of 2 main features:
A limited number of Live TV channels due to the coaxial cable networks installed
NVOD or Near Video On Demand

the technology falls short of providing any additional information and interactive services that may provide any real benefit to the guest and hotel at the same time. NVOD in itself is quite limited and is more than an inconvenience to guests as it requires them to wait for the movie to start, rather than immediately viewing the movie once the movie purchase has been made, says Mr. Casoar.

Standard MATV Technology

The overwhelming majority of hotels currently use standard MATV systems to provide TV to their guests via RF (radio frequency) equipment and cable called coaxial cable which was invented by Oliver Heaviside way back in 1929. Although the cable is widely used in most hotels and is a legacy technology, it is utilized to provide TV channels, NVOD movies and some promotional media. However according to Mr. Casoar, MATV systems fall short of giving any real interactivity or depth to the hotels communications network. What most people dont realise with current hotel MATV systems is that even though the channels come from a digital source, in 99% of cases the channels are actually converted and broadcast in analogue, thus greatly reducing picture quality, adding probability of interference which most of the time results in snow, thus, amongst so many other factors, basically resulting in a sub-standard service compared to todays high standards. Whereas our Wowtel Dreamwise system works on full digital IP technology, bad picture quality doesnt exist in our systems, says Mr. Casoar.

Conventional TV system shortcomings:
Channels are broadcast in Analogue and in standard definition
No High Definition Channels are possible using analogue
Poor picture quality TV channels
Susceptibility to Interference
Lack of personalization for guests
Limitation of the number of TV channels offered
Incapacity to provide interactive features to guests
No capacity to provide interactive e-commerce or marketing

Why use IPTV over the current analogue Hotel MATV Systems?
IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is a system which Television Channels and Movie content is converted into data and transported through an IP network (a LAN) using either the hotels existing standard copper telephone cables thus eliminating the need for re-cabling or with Fibre Optic or Category 6 cables in new hotels. The digital data is then transported through the IP infrastructure, directly to each room via an IP Set Top Box or IP Television Set and guests can simply access the TV channels and other content using a standard TV remote control. For more advanced usage such as writing documents, emails etc… a wireless keyboard can be used.

What this means is that not only can the hotel now provide 1080p high definition Television and real Video On Demand (VOD), but other technologies such as IP Telephony, Internet and fully interactive promotional services can now be provided to each guest using the same single I.P. network infrastructure thus resulting in reduced cabling and labour costs whilst significantly adding value to the hotels communications system.

What are the highlights that make Wowtel-Dreamwise IP System the best choice?
No limitations on the number of TV channels that can be provided to guests
Provide a comprehensive local and international TV and radio channel line up
True Video On Demand (VOD) with full Play/Pause/Rewind/Fast Forward capabilities
On Demand free movie trailers to encourage movie purchase
Additional local and international Radio Channels (Via satellite and Internet)
Music On Demand (Inc. Music Video) with literally thousands of music titles
Fully customized guest interface and Middleware
Private messaging from front desk to guest
E-commerce and in-house shopping from TV screen
Targeted Direct marketing and Promotions
Full Interactive capability
Personalization services
Online bookings via the TV screen/remote control
Real time weather reports, flight information and other information services
Guests can view their bill before checkout
Full PMS integration for single billing solutions on guest checkout

What are some other services that can be added to the Wowtel-Dreamwise system?
Real time automated IP Security and Monitoring
Hacker detection, Anti-Hacker response and guest protection
24/7 Quality control
IP Telephony and VoIP Communications (including Skype Connectivity)
IP CCTV Security Video Cameras (Including PTZ)
IP Public Address (for security and mood creation requirements)
IP Access Control
IP Intercom
Secure and Encrypted Remote Access
Business applications and Video Games

What are the main benefits for Hotels?
Additional and Increased Revenue Generation
Improved Customer Satisfaction
Immediate Customer Service Response
Interactive Advertising and Promotional Vehicles
Better Market and Hotel Performance Intelligence
Greatly Reduce Printing, Stationary and Operational costs

About the Author:
Andrew Spence is a hotel specialist communications consultant and freelance journalist, with over 35 years experience providing sound advice to the global hospitality / lodging industry.

About Wowtel
Pietro Casoar is the Managing Director of Wowtel and an engineer, who has over 16 years of global experience in the RF and IT industries. He is also the author of several technical papers and presentations relating to RF and IP communications systems. Mr. Casoar is also one of the founders of Wowtel Pty Limited and the Wowtel-Dreamwise system, together with Mr. Vincent Fitzpatrick.

Pietros linkedin profile:
Wowtel are a manufacturer and provider of full turn-key unified IP communications to hotels, resorts, mining villages, hospitals, retirement villages, serviced apartments, ocean liners, housing estates, government and most major projects. Wowtel operate in the Asian, European and Oceania markets.