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Vancouver Hotels and Whistler Resorts

Vancouver, Canada is rated as one of the most desirable places in the world to visit. Nearly every conceivable kind of sporting or recreational activity is available for you to participate in within the greater Vancouver area. From skiing in Whistler Resorts, to sailing in summer, you’ll enjoy beautiful mountain backdrops and fresh air that just never stops.

Flying into and out of Vancouver Airport is another special scenic experience so make sure you have a window seat on your plane. The Vancouver Airport is located in the south end of the city and you’ll most likely be traveling over several huge bridges to arrive at your downtown Vancouver hotel. Downtown Vancouver is located on an area of land that is a lot like an island, and there’s two spectacular suspension bridges that act as the gateways to it. Hilly downtown Vancouver will remind you a little of San Francisco, California and the people here have a breezy, relaxed manner that makes you aware that the North American coast has its own cultural style.

Vancouver Hotels provides easy access to many attractions, services, and recreation. Some of the more popular tourist attractions are Stanley Park, where you can walk completely around the circumference of the park for excellent views of Vancouver. The Vancouver aquarium has a large display of fish and the star of their show, the killer whales. The waters off of Vancouver are known for their killer whales and you can take charter tours to see them in their natural habitat.

The Capillano suspension bridge is a major draw. Its vast span is an exciting and slightly scary walk high above a ravine just below Vancouvers fresh water reservoir. Grouse Mountain is an 8,000 foot mountain just to the west of the city. You can take a 35 person capacity cable car ride to the top or for the adventurous; you can actually walk the paths up to the mountaintop. A very popular skiing facility operates there in the winter.

If you’re into hiking and mountain biking, the Vancouver area may provide the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. The city itself has numerous interesting trails and if you take the sea to sky highway up into the mountains, you’ll follow unbelievably beautiful views of the Squamish valley and sound. These waters with the mountains in the background have spawned a unique form of native art that continues to be popular today.

A one hour drive from your downtown Vancouver Hotel leads you to Whistler and Blackcomb, two side by side towns with their own mountains. Whistler Resort is a village at the bottom of Blackcomb Mountain. There are plenty of hotels in this area including Delta Whistler Resort, and they are opulent. Whistler is one of North America’s top ski resort destinations and during the summer it is a haven for mountain bikers. Competitions and festivals are held during the summer. It is a lot of fun to stay in Whistler BC.

The BCE Place is the Vancouver Harbor cruise ship terminal where huge ocean going vessels dock on the journeys up and down the Pacific coast. While in your hotel room or high on any of the hills in Vancouver you’ll be able to watch ships going in and out of the waterways and under the bridges. You’ll also see Sea planes land and take off in the harbor from your Vancouver BC Hotel. Vancouver is a cosmopolitan place, but just outside the city limits is a rugged wilderness that is not easily accessible. Nature is all around this beautiful Canadian city and you won’t be disappointed with your vacation in Vancouver BC.

Hasten Luxury Beds In Hotels Worldwide

The Hastens Luxury Bed is a sign of prestige and self-indulgence wherever it is found. Hastens Beds are the selected beds of the Swedish Royal Family, and are made in Sweden. Every luxury mattress is hand-sewn of all non-synthetic cotton, wool, flax, horsehair with boxes of naturally grown Swedish Pine.

Horsehair is felt to be the proprietary ingredient in the all natural mattress. The horse hair gives springiness, and is resistant to dust mites. Horsehair also carries away water vapor without synthetic fibers. There is no PU foam which exudes gases poisonous to many people. Every coil is made of Swedish steel, and is individually hand encased in a pocket. Coils are not connected, thus giving the most hold for each part of the body.

Hast is Swedish for horse, and the crest give witness to the manufacturer`s 1852 origins as a saddle making company. Saddles were cushioned with horse hair, and back then it was understood that horse hair stuffing made the best beds. Before long Hastens was manufacturing a some special order all natural mattresses. These standards are more valued in the present decade, and Hastens is the first mattress maker to receive the Swan Environmental Award.

Customers who swear by Hastens luxury mattresses are often those with sciatica. Around the globe, pleased users attest to receiving a full eight hours sleep on Hastens Beds if all separate brands have failed to provide them nightly comfort.

Hastens sell for between $3000 and $54,000 US dollars, clearly putting them in a class by themselves. Prestige seekers are happy to tell that they spent a night on one at a hotel, which of course will also be high-class. People who may be seriously considering ordering a Hastens Bed might desire to rest on one for several evenings prior to deciding on such a expensive buy.

Hastens offers a 25-year warranty on their beds. This makes them attractive to inns who must continually buy new beds which is subject to every day use which often approaches improper use.

Inns in urban areas across the globe have rooms with Hastens Luxury Beds. Austria, Salzburg, Hotel Salzburg
Belgium, Antwerpen, Qbic Hotel Antwerpen
Belgium, Haasrode, Hotel De Rode Haas
Czech Republic, Prague, ICON Boutique Hotel
Denmark, Bornholm, Melsted Badehotel
Denmark, Esbjerg, Hotel Hjerting
Denmark, Skagen, Hotel Plesner
Denmark, Vejle, Comwell Kellers Park
Denmark, Aarhus, Best Western Hotel Oasia
Finland, Kuopio, Sokos Hotel Puijonsarvi
Italy, Albergo, Ville di Corsano (SI)
Italy, Albergo, Residenza Villa Giuncheto
Netherlands, Amsterdam, Qbic Hotel Amsterdam
Netherlands, De Koog, Hotel Greenside
Netherlands, Haarlem, Hotel Stempels
Netherlands, Lattrop, Hotellerie De Holtweijde
Netherlands, Maastricht, La Bergre Hotel
Netherlands, Mechelen, Hotel Hoeve de Plei
Netherlands, Vlieland, Badhotel Bruin
Norway, Alta, Park Hotell Alta
Poland, Krynica Zdroj, Hotel SPA Dr Irena Eris Krynica Zdroj
Poland, Wzgorza Dylewskle, Hotel SPA Dr Irena Erls Wzgorza Dylewskle
Spain, Barcelona, Hotel Ibai
Spain, Marbella, Marbella Club Hotel
Sweden, Gotland, Furillen
Sweden, Goteborg, Clarion Collection Hotel Odin
Sweden, Karmansbo, Karmansbo Herrgard
Sweden, Mariefred, Gripsholms vardshus
Sweden, Riksgransen, Hotell Riksgransen
Sweden, Stockholm, Best Western Premier Foresta Hotel
Sweden, Stockholm, Kallfors Hotell
Sweden, Tallberg, Akerblads Hotell & Gastgiveri
Sweden, Varberg, Varbergs Kurort & Spa
Sweden, Are, Hotell Fjallgarden
Switzerland, Zurich, Hotel Kindli
United Kingdom, London, Blakes Hotel
United States, Chicago, Illinois, The Peninsula Chicago
United States, Los Angeles, California, Hotel Bel Air
United States, Phoenix, Arizona, Biltmore Resort & Spa
United States, Seattle, Washington, Hotel Andra

Hotels Accommodation Selecting a Hotel that is Right for You

One of the most challenging aspects of planning a trip to an unfamiliar destination is the booking of your hotels accommodation. When you try to search for the ideal hotel, you may be overwhelmed by the sheer number of hotels that vie for your attention.

Selecting a hotel that suits your expectations is important to get the most out of your entire trip, as a good hotel can complement your visit with the right amenities and location. Also, expensive hotels may not always be the best choices when it comes to good service and convenience as there have been great improvements in hotel standards all around. Hence, some research is needed to select the hotel that is right for you, with the following helpful tips below to aid your search.

Setting your hotel budget

Setting a budget for your trip should involve deciding how much of it would go towards spending on your accommodation. This would help you to shortlist an accommodation type which you would be most comfortable with, whether it is cheap budget hotels or more expensive four and five-star hotels. Thus, it would be much easier to continue your hotel search within this smaller field.

Besides looking at the room rates of various hotels, you should also bear in mind their inclusions (or lack thereof) in the room rates to get a more accurate picture of what exactly you are paying for. These inclusions can be meals, facility use, in-house movies or parking fees, to name a few.

Choosing a good location

Choosing a good location for your hotel is essential for getting the most out of your hotel stay. Before doing so, do consider the purpose of your visit. If your visit comprises mostly of sightseeing or business in a certain area, you can consider choosing a hotel in the vicinity. This would help you to save on potentially expensive commuting costs. Staying near public transport networks is also a good idea if you rely heavily on public transport for travel.

Another factor that you may like to consider is the noise levels of the hotels surroundings. If you would like to relax in a quieter environment, do consider a location further from the main traffic and nightlife areas to enjoy an uninterrupted nights rest.

Considering what amenities you need

When booking your hotel, you should also consider what kinds of amenities you need that would be helpful to your trip and which ones you are willing to forego. This will assist in your hotel selection such that you only choose the one that provides you with the most convenience.

For example, you might want to consider a hotel with 24-hour room service if you wish to satisfy your hunger at night without purchasing many snacks. If easy accessibility to the airport or downtown areas is what you need, you might wish to consider a hotel with shuttle services to these areas.

The range of amenities in the hotel should also meet your needs, so be sure to check if it has gyms, spas, swimming pools, conference facilities or other facilities that you need. Lastly, an important consideration when you are bringing your family on your travels is whether the hotel has family-friendly amenities and services such as childrens activity or day care centres and swimming pools for children.

Ladera Hotel In St Lucia Named Top Caribbean Resort By Travel + Leisure Magazine

One of St Lucias most coveted boutique properties has just earned a top ranking position on Travel + Leisure magazines annual Worlds Best Awards 2012 Readers, a prestigious recognition the resort earned thanks to the outstanding quality of the holiday experiences they offer to guests. Having appeared in the magazine’s prestigious list of Top 10 Caribbean Resorts for the second year running, this time around the Ladera Resort managed to steal the number one spot.

To the surprise of no one and giving credit to the thousands of travellers who choose this spectacular luxury hotel as their number one destination for pampering St Lucia holidays, once again, the Ladera has been named one of Travel + Leisures favourite Caribbean resorts, thus marking 2012 as the seventh year in a row that the exclusive property has been singled out for praise by the discriminating and well-travelled readers of said travel magazine, one of the most popular in the industry.

The beautiful Ladera Resort, small, cosy and chic, yet legendary because of its dramatic location atop a panoramic hill. It has long been praised for its pioneering openair architecture, luxury services, superior quality of hospitality and ecofriendly practices at 1,100 feet above the Caribbean Sea.

The property is currently celebrating its 20th Anniversary Year in 2012 and to mark the special ocassion the resort’s pampering guests with unique specials. During Laderas 20th Anniversary Year, the resort is unveiling four additional connecting luxury onebedroom Hilltop Dream suites on Paradise Ridge, opening in October 2012.

“Each new Hilltop Dream Suite will feature the famously breath-taking vistas from the open living room and will include private infinity pools, says Olivier Bottois, Laderas Vice President of Marketing & Operations.

The openair bedrooms are designed and appointed with furnishings and fixtures consistent with Laderas sustainable practices.

The resort’s awardwinning Dasheene restaurant is recognised as one of the top tables in the Caribbean, serving innovative West Indian cooking for even the most discerning of foodies. Ladera also features the intimate Ti Kaye Pose Spa and a spectacular 1,200 square foot Paradise Pavilion, where new outdoor Couples Massages are offered overlooking the Caribbean Sea and Pitons.

Ladera is honoured to continue its legacy as a T+L reader favourite, said Olivier Bottois, Laderas Vice President of Marketing & Operations.

We strive to provide our guests with the most authentic St. Lucian experience, whether they come here for a wedding, a honeymoon, a sunset dinner, or simply the vacation of a lifetime. Were thrilled that Travel + Leisure readers have recognised Ladera among the very best.

If all this wasn’t enough to entice more travellers to plan deluxe holidays in St Lucia at the resort, the Ladera is also launching a new Peak to Beach Package Collection elevating the holiday experience for guests with the Best to Even Better Two Hotels, Three Luxury Package Experiences under a Single Easy Net Rate Cap Maison & Ladera Resort, St Lucia.

After the resounding success of the original Peak to Beach joint holiday package, the islands 2 iconic luxury hotels, Ladera and Cap Maison, have partnered again to create the innovative, threetiered Peak to Beach Package Collection. The trio of unique sixnight packages provides guests with amazing holidays to St Lucia staying at two legendary St Lucia hotels located on opposite ends of this tropical island paradise and, depending on preference, an array of adventures and luxurious extras, all organised under a single, easy price.