Finding the Best Hotels Near Disneyland

For many people, visiting Disneyland isn’t complete without staying in one of the official Disney operated hotels. After all, how can you be expected to get the full Disney experience unless you are surrounded by all things Disney around the clock?

The problem with this attitude–which the Disney marketing people would love us all to have–is it gives many people the impression that a trip to Disneyland has to be extremely expensive. The truth is there are a variety of different hotels near Disneyland and many of them are quite affordable. Just note that they won’t all be the full-service, high-luxury resorts like the Disneyland Hotel. It is worth the money if you can afford to stay at an official Disneyland hotel, but if you’re on a tight budget don’t write off the surrounding accommodations as too expensive.

Perks to Staying with Mickey & Friends

There are definitely some luxuries that can be obtained only be staying in-house with Mickey and the gang. You will have access to prestigious concierge services that can help you select gifts for those you love, book reservations at the best restaurants, and find the parades, shows and other fun activities to enjoy in the evening and night hours.

You may also get special deals on the theme parks, such as early admittance to certain top attractions like Indiana Jones, Space Mountain, and Dumbo.

Traveling to and from official Disney hotels can be more convenient than traveling to other hotels near Disneyland as well, as all the shuttles go there.

Disney Discounts

It isn’t easy to find really cheap deals on a Disneyland vacation, but there are always benefits to purchasing vacation packages. These packages will bundle a variety of services from accommodations to transportation to and from the airport and discounted park tickets.

Disney Luxury

If you can afford to pay a bit more for your accommodation, you will probably have a better overall Disneyland experience if you stay in an official Mouse resort. The small details and luxurious resort atmosphere adds to the excitement and relaxation of your vacation and makes every moment more enjoyable. This is even more important if you are traveling with youngsters.

Hotels Near Disneyland that Aren’t Disney

There are many reasons to stay in non-Disney hotels. If there are no openings in the official resorts at the time of your trip, then there is obviously not much choice. You may also choose to go with an independent hotel nearby if you are on a tight budget and every dollar saved counts big time.

You can stay at some certain hotels near the park and get very close to the official Disneyland resort feel when you stay in hotels labeled “Good Neighbor Hotels.” These are special hotels that have passed Disney’s inspection and which are highly recommended. They are your best bets for luxury and comfort when you can’t stay with the Mouse and gang officially. Many are top class resorts that are just a short jaunt down Harbor Boulevard to the official theme park!

If staying in a non-Disney hotel or resort will improve your financial ability to engage in other activities, then by all means go for it! You can still have a great time, relax, and get a feel for the resort vibe as long as you choose your hotel wisely. Do the research, read reviews from others who have stayed at a particular resort, and then make your final decision.