Measuring Efficiency With Hotel Management Indicator

Hotel managers have the heavy task of supervising the entire hotel which includes a great deal of activities including hotel administration, marketing, accounts, housekeeping, and management of food and beverage, catering and preservation and front office supervision. With all the tasks assigned to you, you will definitely need all the help you can get from your employees as well as the hotel management tools that you can find. Among those that can aid you here is the hotel management indicator. This is better known as the hotel KPI or the key performance indicator, which assists managers in determining which processes are doing well and which are not. Aside from that, this keeps track of the efficiency of the employees, the behavior of the customers and the productivity of the hospitality business.

The hotel business world is a competitive arena so you cannot afford to let your guard down. One day, your rivals might come up with an idea that will take your clients away from you. Thus, you should always put your best foot forward especially when making decisions. You cannot make the right choices if you do not have the information wherein you will be basing your judgments upon. This is why you need the hotel management indicator.

There are hundreds and thousands of manage hotel performance indicators that you can use as of today. Depending upon your goals, your main focus and your strategy, you should be able to narrow down the number of your hotel KPI into five or less. This way, it will be easier for you to monitor the health of your company through the use of the hotel management indicator. For instance, if your main goal is to measure the efficiency of your hotel revenue management scheme, you can utilize indicators such as the REVPAR (room revenue per available room), the total revenue per available room or TREVPAR, the total profit per customer, the gross operating profit for every available room, the REVPAM which is also known as the revenue acquired from conference and banqueting per available square meter and REVPASH that pertains to the revenue from the food and beverage for every available seat and hour.

Now if your main concern is the staff or the employment, there are a number of manage hotel performance indicators that you can exploit including the percentage of wage cost, the percentage of the total labor cost, the total labor hours and the sick days of leave taken by the employees. Another example is when you have an onsite restaurant. You can use hotel management indicator like the total sales for every customers, the number of customers per day, the seating efficiency, the basket analysis and even the strike rate.

The results that you have obtained upon monitoring the performance of your hotel through the use of the KPIs can be used to make smart decisions. You can also utilize them to improve your performance and avoid problems in the future because of early detection. Compete in this cutthroat hotel business world with the confidence that will aid you in vying for reputation and prominence.

Examples Of Hotel Management Kpi That You Can Use

There are literally thousands of hospitality business indicators that you can use right now. These indicators are commonly known as the hotel management KPI. When you have an effective KPI set for your hotel business, this removes the guesswork when it comes to managing the hotel business. What this does is that it checks the performance of your business through the numbers or the figures so that the managers will be able to use the data in telling what is really gong on within the hotel. Before you get around and research about the hotel management KPI, you should know the difference between that and the hotel KRIs. These two are often compared to each other but they are quite diverse. The hotel KRIs do not focus on the good side of the performance of the company; instead, you will obtain data about how risky your hotel activities are. Having said that, they are also very useful when it comes to tracking the health of your business.

Now, when looking for the best hotel management KPI for your business, you should not only focus on the entire organization because it would be very difficult to do so. You will need to divide the KPIs into different groups or classifications so that it will be easier for you to keep track of them. Among the types of KPIs that you can utilize are the KPIs for reception or front desk efficiency, housekeeping, kitchen, sales, restaurant, store, maintenance and purchasing among others.

Many hotels nowadays offer housekeeping services for their clients. If the hotel that you are managing provides such to your guests, it is essential that you keep track of its performance. This is because many clients are meticulous when it comes to the cleanliness of their surroundings especially their rooms. They are on a vacation so they expect themselves to be pampered and not to be responsible for the task of cleaning their rooms. You can measure the efficiency of your housekeeping services through KPIs such as the number of available staff members for cleaning, the feedback of customers based upon the housekeeping services they have acquired and the total amount of time required for cleaning among others.

Of course, you cannot deny the fact that it is important for you to know how well your business is responding when it comes to the sales department. Cash flow is very significant especially in this type of business. Your hospitality business indicators may vary here according to the different sales efforts that you put out. For instance, if you have a website, you can check the number or the percentage of inquiries that have turned into sales. You can also use KPIs that will tell you about the number of sales per head on your restaurant or your bar. You can also measure the gross profit on sales, the stock turnover, the carrying cost of the stock and the stock value.

Aside from the financials and the customer sales, it is important that you are well aware of how your employees are performing. Always ensure that you have a set of good hotel management KPI that will aid you in monitoring the behavior, the professionalism and the demeanor of your workers.