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Luxury Hotels Prague

There have been many guides written to Luxury Hotels Prague that detail the merits of individual hotels in the city but we want to deal with just the best areas and to stay within Prague and name just a couple of unbeatable value 5 star hotels.

A luxury hotel means different things to different people. Some people consider luxury as a matter of aesthetics, a beautiful staircase, a Rococo piece of furniture, and high ceilings with wooden beams or even make their hotel choice based on the feng shui qualities of the room. Luxury to other people means not having to lift a finger, a hotel with a wonderful concierge, 24 hour room service and a bell-hop. Others consider luxury as pampering, this group would value a heated indoor pool, perhaps a spa and massage services.

Prague offers hotels that cater to everyone; some hotels in Prague even offer facilities to suit the needs of all the above. Once you have decided what qualities in a luxury hotel are important to you, you must then decide in what area of Prague you wish to base yourself.

Once more, this question can only be answered by the individual travelers. Those wishing to stay in the thick of it, near Wenceslas Square and the main shopping district will want to base themselves in the Stare Mesto. There are hundreds of hotels here, but only around 10 of these would be considered luxury hotels. The luxury hotels of the Stare Mesto are also the most expensive and whilst it is still possible to stay here for far less than the Spanish Steps in Rome for example, there are great savings to be made by staying within a 10-20 minute walk of the Stare Mesto.

If you’re a person who visits Europe mainly to explore the history and architecture then two of the cities district will appeal to you; namely Josefov and Mala Strana. These are also home to several of the most upmarket, boutique style hotels. Josefov, with its famous shopping street Pariszka is by far the most expensive option. Those wishing to go central, historic and five star should choose the gorgeous Mala Strana district. Depending on the time of year, five star hotels in Mala Strana can be found for under 80 a night (the Mamaison Riverside Hotel Prague).

Luxury Restaurants Prague

Finding a restaurant in Prague is as easy as standing outside your hotel and taking 10 steps in any direction. Every street in Prague seems to be bursting with eateries offering as much pork knuckle as you can eat (and if you like that, the best of these is Kolkovna in Josefov). However, if your tastes are more refined and you do not enjoy the Czech cuisine the best spot in town, with the best views, is atop Petrin Hill in the fabulous Nebozizek restaurant. Even though this is one of the best restaurants in town, it is still around the same price as eating at the Strada chain in London.

The ultimate Czech eating experience though is Le Degustation, offering modern fusion cuisine as Western Europe means traditional Czech cooking. Here you can feast on seven courses of traditional Czech food along with wine matches also from Bohemia. Although not the cheapest dining option in Prague, La Degustation provides a culinary experience you will never forget!

Luxury Nightclubs Prague

If your name’s not down… it doesn’t really matter. It is very easy to boogie on down with the rich and famous of Czech society. The Duplex Bar on Wenceslas Square is one of Prague’s most exclusive spots where beer and wine are still far cheaper than a night in London. The Duplex spins with the Czech Republics best DJs.

If you prefer a night of culture there are wonderful events held every week at the Czech Opera House at the end of Wenceslas Square and the Prague National Theatre. Tickets to see the Czech Philharmonic and operatic masterpieces such as Tosca and La Boheme go for as little as 10 each. Prague has a renowned classical tradition with 3 of the best classical composers to ever reach for a piano or violin coming from this tiny country those being Smetana, Janacek and the infamous Dvorak.

The prices in Prague are far from static. We have noticed a 20% increase in prices from 2010 to 2011 so if you want to experience a luxury trip to Prague we recommend you go ASAP before the Eurozone as we know it changes beyond compare!

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Luxury London Hotels Booking Tips

There are so many places in London that you can find for your accommodation if you are planning your next trip to this beautiful city. You want a hotel that is centrally located and have enough room for you as well as your family to spread out and make yourself comfortable.

One can have the best view of this beautiful and lively city from the London eye. This is the highest monument in the city London on the shore of the river Thames. This is the place from which you can have a stunning view of this wonderful city. The other popular tourist attractions of London include Hyde Park, Bayswter and KensingtonGarden.
If you are interested in art and literature, some of the suggested places for you are the West End Theatres and the Piccadilly Circus. There are many hotels and restaurants in each corner of the city serving you quality and mouth watering dishes. The foodies who visit London can get excellent dishes here.

If you are looking for accommodation in London, you will find a lot of choices from the best and luxury London hotels to budget hotels for every kind of visitors. If you have a tight budget, you can go for a good and budget accommodation. The best way to find the budget hotels in this city is to check websites that contains all the information about the best luxury and budget hotels of London. You can get any information there related to booking, price and the special offerings.

If you are looking for a trip full of luxury then you should book your accommodation in the areas near Kensington, Chelsea and Belgravia. These places offer a lit bit extra and you will have many opportunities to explore the beautiful city while staying in any of the hotels located in these popular places.

The only thing you need to do is go to the website and enter the choices in terms of preference for area, number of rooms, any special requirement and finally the budget for rent of each room. Then you will be given a list of 5 star London hotels with all the details that match your choices so that you can contact the hotel you find best and book your accommodation with them. These days you can find that every London booking hotels have their websites where you can find all the information and the special offerings allowed to their customers.

Dubai Escorts – Choose Your Agency Wisely

Like Americas number one party town (New York), Dubai could be said to be a city that never sleeps. The nightlife goes on even after clubs and bars have closed their doors. If you came to Dubai to party you can party on with a beautiful lady of your dreams. Elite Dubai Escorts are available to VIP gentlemen 24/7. Why not take the party back to your hotel after the club has closed? You will find that most Elite Dubai Escorts stay in five star hotels so if you desire you can even go back to her hotel to continue the evening in more intimate surroundings

Many Escort Agencies in Dubai stop answering their phone and refuse to take bookings after 12pm. But if you search carefully online you will see that there are several agencies with a more cosmopolitan outlook. These agencies realise that VIP visitors to Dubai are international travellers and may be on New York time or London time consequently they may require escort services in the early hours of the morning. Also as a VIP a high standard of customer service is required and expected. Visitors from major western cities come to Dubai and are amazed at the high standard of service offered by Dubais many luxury hotels and restaurants. Elite escort agencies in Dubai such as Club ill Repute see this high standard of service as the benchmark for the agency and the Dubai Escorts they provide.

Before going online to choose your Dubai escort beware of the many scam agencies you will find on the internet. These agencies specialize in the so called Bait and Switch. This occurs when an agency will display photos of absolutely stunning and gorgeous escorts (that they do not have and have not way of getting), then when a client books the escort a totally different and below standard escort is provided!

In conclusion, there are many genuine Escort agencies in Dubai but take care when making your choice of escort agency as a VIP you will require discretion and honesty. Dubai is an amazing city and there is plenty of fun and enjoyment to be had especially if money is no object. Take time out of your busy schedule to enjoy the sights and sounds of Dubai with a gorgeous female companion

Boutique Hotels In The Changing Trends

The Boutique hotels are truly demand generators to become evolved total these years with leisure still remaining commonplace source for a lot of of the business boutique hotels, especially in the light of increasing trend of city and short breaks. These boutique hotels, particularly has turned into a most leisured choice for young travelers who’re sorting for various experience rather than a commodity.

As vocation for leisure or entertainment evolved over all these years, boutique hotels are also gearing for the same catering to the rising trend of short city breaks by the city lovers, and also no doubt for that business entrepreneurs. Though this category tends to not have so much of arrangements for meetings, but, some hotels will have provision of small meeting rooms particularly hotels with more than 180 rooms that also has special meeting rooms to house business events like private cinemas.

The result from the celebrity and media status is also being tremendously felt among boutique hotel Brighton owners who’ve to make an effort to conceptualize their theme from the hotels which involves the customers aspirations and to be considered a face within the crowd. A necessity may also be felt among hotel fraternity to recreate your accommodation conference rooms to welcome their celebrated guests too, that is itself an added advantage.

The concept of psychographics is slowly developing in the boutique hotels since it started its operations around two decades back, shifting in the standard hotels to international level and the chains towards the likes of Boutique hotels like Kemptown house, Malmaison Hotels, Hotel du Vin, Morgans Hotel Group, and Kimpton hotels amongst others.

Psychographics can be used as a reason behind the customers by their nature and attributes like their aspirations, interests, beliefs and attitudes instead of mere location. This hypothesis in the concept Boutique hotels Brighton greatly helps these hotels to serve their visitors.

Especially in London these boutique hotels has the capacity to get themselves position within their territory between luxury and four star, commercial and leisure and share many of the traits which makes the segments hotels. In addition they also have catered themselves into the five star categories. So for that customers it’s all regulated their moment of joy because they have several options with obviously different rates to choose from.

As the trend is changing so the trend of those Boutique hotels too and naturally in order they have to keep their visitors happy, beat their competitors and retain their position within the hospitality industry too.

Not just the luxury with furnishing but these boutique hotels are now concentrating on bringing a whole new accommodation style with their living. And the rising competition has also kept the prices at a lower level. So if you think this is something for the rich alone, well you can pay second thoughts to that fact.