What amenities are standard in Orlando hotels

The Orlando area has more than 400 local Orlando hotels. Each one offers a range of amenities to secure a comfortable and convenient stay for each guest.

So what are some of the standard amenities you might be interested in when staying at a hotel in Orlando?

Complimentary shuttles. Since so many Orlando hotels are located just minutes away from theme parks, you will find that many of them offer free shuttle transportation. Some Orlando hotels also provide transportation to Orlando International Airport. Be sure to ask about this if you dont have a car with you.

Pools. Most of the hotels have pools. Some even have waterslides. Others have acouple of pools and slides. And youll even find Jacuzzis. What better way to enjoy the Orlando sun than to splash around the hotel pool?

Concierge services. Many local provide customers concierge services. If you need assistance booking dinner reservations, finding the best spa or getting advice on which Orlando theme parks to visit, the concierge can help you out.

Coffeemakers and ironing boards. Most Orlando hotels offer these amenities, this way you can be sure to start your mornings off free of any stress. In addition to coffee makers, many of the hotels in Orlando FL even provide complimentary coffee to guests.

Cleaning services. This is probably a given. Youll find daily maid service and staff members who will assist you with any housekeeping concerns you may have.

Gift shops. At the themed hotels and resorts, youll find themed gift shops. But at most of the area hotels, youll find some kind of Orlando souvenirs.

Dryers and washers. Not all of the local hotels will have washer & dryer units, but some do. And some are even free. This is certainly worth looking intoespecially if you are planning on staying in Orlando for a few days. Also, some hotels offer dry cleaning services.

Lounge and restaurant. Most Orlando hotels have a lounge and restaurant. Some even provide happy hours, complimentary cocktail receptions or complimentary breakfasts.

Fitness centers. Whether its a small gym or a larger fitness center, most hotels in Orlando FL accommodate guests who desire to stay in shape. The facilities are usually free to guests but it never hurts to double check with the hotel before booking your room.

Wake-up phone calls. These are usually offered free of charge.

Each hotel provides unique amenities, but these are the main ones that you will see at each hotel. If you are seeking something specific, do not forget to inquire about it before getting your reservation.