There are Some Great Weekly Hotels in Los Angeles

Travelers who need weekly hotels in Los Angeles can find some excellent choices. Besides some of the big chains that have big prices, there are many privately owned properties that have good value.

People come to this area for many reasons. There are many dozens of things in Southern California that draw tourists from all over the world. Some will come here to visit famous amusement parks for a family vacation. Others will opt to visit because of the amount of museums and artwork here. For some, a trip here will be a look-see to help decide if they want to relocate here permanently. Extended stay hotels in Los Angeles often can help them save money over other types of lodging.

Other travelers arrive because of business needs. They may be trainers who work with corporations or new hires coming from other areas. Some will be on a temporary assignment of some kind, perhaps an audit or to assist with personnel changes. Many who arrive because they have landed a new position are not residents of California. They need to learn their way around and find a permanent home of some kind. They may be selling a home elsewhere and have to wait for it to close to be able to purchase another home. People in this position will use weekly rentals in Los Angeles all the time.

These types of hotels usually have all the same features that the big chains offer. They will have king or queen beds. There are often services like cable or satellite TV, free movie rental, wireless Internet and sometimes a DVD player. There will be some nice added features like a refrigerator and microwave so people can opt to eat in the unit instead of having restaurant food all the time. This is another way that using this type of lodging can help travelers conserve cash. Most will also have things like an ironing board and iron, hair dryer and direct dial phone.

Almost every one will have free parking, often in a lot that has security cameras. These may also provide wake-up calls for those who want them. There is usually a swimming pool, some vending machines so people don’t have to travel far for snacks or sodas and possibly a fax or copy machine. Some places offer free coffee or tea in the mornings, sometimes with pastries or muffins.

People can expect the same level of service from these hotels as they would other types. These offer daily maid service to make the beds and refill towels. The bathroom will get cleaned and the carpet vacuumed. Some have on-site laundry services for people who would like to clean their clothing. Many weekly hotels in Los Angeles offer discounts to some groups like seniors or corporate travelers.

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