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Hasten Luxury Beds In Hotels Worldwide

The Hastens Luxury Bed is a sign of prestige and self-indulgence wherever it is found. Hastens Beds are the selected beds of the Swedish Royal Family, and are made in Sweden. Every luxury mattress is hand-sewn of all non-synthetic cotton, wool, flax, horsehair with boxes of naturally grown Swedish Pine.

Horsehair is felt to be the proprietary ingredient in the all natural mattress. The horse hair gives springiness, and is resistant to dust mites. Horsehair also carries away water vapor without synthetic fibers. There is no PU foam which exudes gases poisonous to many people. Every coil is made of Swedish steel, and is individually hand encased in a pocket. Coils are not connected, thus giving the most hold for each part of the body.

Hast is Swedish for horse, and the crest give witness to the manufacturer`s 1852 origins as a saddle making company. Saddles were cushioned with horse hair, and back then it was understood that horse hair stuffing made the best beds. Before long Hastens was manufacturing a some special order all natural mattresses. These standards are more valued in the present decade, and Hastens is the first mattress maker to receive the Swan Environmental Award.

Customers who swear by Hastens luxury mattresses are often those with sciatica. Around the globe, pleased users attest to receiving a full eight hours sleep on Hastens Beds if all separate brands have failed to provide them nightly comfort.

Hastens sell for between $3000 and $54,000 US dollars, clearly putting them in a class by themselves. Prestige seekers are happy to tell that they spent a night on one at a hotel, which of course will also be high-class. People who may be seriously considering ordering a Hastens Bed might desire to rest on one for several evenings prior to deciding on such a expensive buy.

Hastens offers a 25-year warranty on their beds. This makes them attractive to inns who must continually buy new beds which is subject to every day use which often approaches improper use.

Inns in urban areas across the globe have rooms with Hastens Luxury Beds. Austria, Salzburg, Hotel Salzburg
Belgium, Antwerpen, Qbic Hotel Antwerpen
Belgium, Haasrode, Hotel De Rode Haas
Czech Republic, Prague, ICON Boutique Hotel
Denmark, Bornholm, Melsted Badehotel
Denmark, Esbjerg, Hotel Hjerting
Denmark, Skagen, Hotel Plesner
Denmark, Vejle, Comwell Kellers Park
Denmark, Aarhus, Best Western Hotel Oasia
Finland, Kuopio, Sokos Hotel Puijonsarvi
Italy, Albergo, Ville di Corsano (SI)
Italy, Albergo, Residenza Villa Giuncheto
Netherlands, Amsterdam, Qbic Hotel Amsterdam
Netherlands, De Koog, Hotel Greenside
Netherlands, Haarlem, Hotel Stempels
Netherlands, Lattrop, Hotellerie De Holtweijde
Netherlands, Maastricht, La Bergre Hotel
Netherlands, Mechelen, Hotel Hoeve de Plei
Netherlands, Vlieland, Badhotel Bruin
Norway, Alta, Park Hotell Alta
Poland, Krynica Zdroj, Hotel SPA Dr Irena Eris Krynica Zdroj
Poland, Wzgorza Dylewskle, Hotel SPA Dr Irena Erls Wzgorza Dylewskle
Spain, Barcelona, Hotel Ibai
Spain, Marbella, Marbella Club Hotel
Sweden, Gotland, Furillen
Sweden, Goteborg, Clarion Collection Hotel Odin
Sweden, Karmansbo, Karmansbo Herrgard
Sweden, Mariefred, Gripsholms vardshus
Sweden, Riksgransen, Hotell Riksgransen
Sweden, Stockholm, Best Western Premier Foresta Hotel
Sweden, Stockholm, Kallfors Hotell
Sweden, Tallberg, Akerblads Hotell & Gastgiveri
Sweden, Varberg, Varbergs Kurort & Spa
Sweden, Are, Hotell Fjallgarden
Switzerland, Zurich, Hotel Kindli
United Kingdom, London, Blakes Hotel
United States, Chicago, Illinois, The Peninsula Chicago
United States, Los Angeles, California, Hotel Bel Air
United States, Phoenix, Arizona, Biltmore Resort & Spa
United States, Seattle, Washington, Hotel Andra