Life at its best in luxury hotels Chicago

If youre on a business trip in Chicago and you need a place to go to the luxury hotels Chicago should be your pick! There are vast choices of these hotels all around Chicago; each giving you the most relaxing and satisfying stay.

As a metropolitan city, Chicago also offers a lot of lakes and parks for you to visit. But mostly, people who come here are in business trips or corporate seminars. In late 2008, the city attracted over 30 million travelers and has contributed to the already progressive economy of Chicago.

Chicago is also famous for its crowded shopping centers, energetic night life, and breathtaking architectures. So youre stay at a multiplex here will not be boring s there are many pplaces that you can go to.

These luxury hotels Chicago will surely help you unwind and remove some stress after a days full or hard work. These hotels also provide you with recreational activities or various means of pampering like spas, Jacuzzis, and soothing massages.

The hotels designs are absolutely stylish and special. Some of their exclusive services include 24 hour room service, WiFi connection, VIP treatments, and appetizing cuisines. The only thing youll have to do is choose from Chicagos wide array of five star hotels and any choice would absolutely give you comfort.

The following are just some of the luxurious hotels that you can find here in Chicago:

The Ritz Carlton Hotel. This has been one of the most top rated hotels in the world. It provides you with the best luxury that you can think of while giving you the perfect place to relax. This is also the place to go to as it offers a nice overview of some of the citys parts and they have just recently renovated their suites and guest rooms.

The Peninsula hotel, considered as one of the most luxurious hotels ever in existence, is the place where you will be treated as a royalty. There are four different restaurants here to satisfy your hunger and they have also added a bar to burn up some free time. The hotel has over 300 luxurious suites that are each armed with modern amenities to suit your taste. This is wisely situated near the airport and various other attractions, so having fun is just a stones throw away.

After a days stress in the city, youd surely want to get pampered by one of these luxury hotels Chicago. They will always make sure that you are given the service that you always deserve; all of these while admiring the beauty of the city.

So start the escapade and rent a room in one of Chicagos deluxe hotels and youll sure to hang around for a while.

Dubai Escorts – Choose Your Agency Wisely

Like Americas number one party town (New York), Dubai could be said to be a city that never sleeps. The nightlife goes on even after clubs and bars have closed their doors. If you came to Dubai to party you can party on with a beautiful lady of your dreams. Elite Dubai Escorts are available to VIP gentlemen 24/7. Why not take the party back to your hotel after the club has closed? You will find that most Elite Dubai Escorts stay in five star hotels so if you desire you can even go back to her hotel to continue the evening in more intimate surroundings

Many Escort Agencies in Dubai stop answering their phone and refuse to take bookings after 12pm. But if you search carefully online you will see that there are several agencies with a more cosmopolitan outlook. These agencies realise that VIP visitors to Dubai are international travellers and may be on New York time or London time consequently they may require escort services in the early hours of the morning. Also as a VIP a high standard of customer service is required and expected. Visitors from major western cities come to Dubai and are amazed at the high standard of service offered by Dubais many luxury hotels and restaurants. Elite escort agencies in Dubai such as Club ill Repute see this high standard of service as the benchmark for the agency and the Dubai Escorts they provide.

Before going online to choose your Dubai escort beware of the many scam agencies you will find on the internet. These agencies specialize in the so called Bait and Switch. This occurs when an agency will display photos of absolutely stunning and gorgeous escorts (that they do not have and have not way of getting), then when a client books the escort a totally different and below standard escort is provided!

In conclusion, there are many genuine Escort agencies in Dubai but take care when making your choice of escort agency as a VIP you will require discretion and honesty. Dubai is an amazing city and there is plenty of fun and enjoyment to be had especially if money is no object. Take time out of your busy schedule to enjoy the sights and sounds of Dubai with a gorgeous female companion